Friday, November 23, 2018

This post isn’t about sex, it is about behavioral addiction and the ways of coping with that.

You may not know, by my wife locks me everyday. She keeps the keys so I can’t remove the cage even if I go for business meetings. 

Besides sex, she does it for my good. I have a big problem with masturbation (edging to be precise). I am not allowed to cum but I edge as often as I can and this addiction started to be a serious problem for my work. I used to lock myself in restrooms and jerk my cock for hours. Same at home. I wasn’t able to finish my work, projects or other stuff because of the morbid masturbation…

I told my wife about that. She said that a chastity cage could be the solution. She was right as always. It really helped. I don’t touch my cock during a day now. I can focus on my work, earn money for my wife, do the house stuff and have a great feel that the addiction is under control.

So my wife wakes me up every morning and tells me “it’s time for your cage now”. I get up and lock my cock and show her that it is properly locked. 

We do it as a therapy for me, so I don’t have to be turned on to use the cage. I can be in a bad mood or totally out of sexual thoughts, but I have to put on the cage. 

My wife likes the control that she has over me when I am locked but she also wants to train me to keep my masturbation problem under control.

Sometimes even a cock cage isn’t enough. As you know, my wife denies me to cum, so the pressure in my balls and the level of my sexual arousal are ultra high. When I can’t stand with it, there is one thing that helps: a pain. When my wife is around, she knows that a good kick in my testicles or slapping them with hand gives good results, but when she’s not around I have to improvise. One good solution is to use a rope and tie my cock very hard. After a few minutes it starts to hurt. After one hour the pain is unbelievable and my cock is blue and cold. I wait until the sexual arousal is gone. Sometimes it lasts until my wife returns home, so she can grab the one end of the rope, pull it up and give a few, hard slaps on my balls. Believe me, when you lie on the floor choking with pain, you don’t think about sex.

Cock cages are a fantastic sexual toys, but keep in mind, that they can help with a uncontrolled masturbation habit too. I didn’t wrote the above to share my sexual fantasy with you. I wrote the truth and the thing that really helps me in my life. Maybe you also have the same problem and my post will lead you how to cope with it. 

I am very grateful to my loving wife for supporting me in dealing with my weak nature. 

Friday, September 7, 2018

We checked in our last hotel of the trip. Kitty was exhausted and was resting on the bed…

Today in the morning we were in bed and she pushed her foot between my legs. I spread them and she touched softly my balls with the top of her foot. I knew what she was going to do, I know her very good… I was excited and scared as fuck in one moment… Then she took back her foot a little and kicked me in the balls… I looked at her with pain in my eyes and she said “cuddle to me, my little pussy, cuddle to me, my little girl…”

“A warm dildo” – an adjective my wife used last time to describe me as her lover… She says it openly, that she finds sex that satisfies her only with other men. It was hard for me to accept that on the beginning, but we talked honestly and she said that she loves me and she likes to cuddle with me or when I lick her pussy, but I have a submissive nature, so I’m not able to fuck her as hard as she would like it and to dominate her. Let face the truth, how my wife can see a man in me if she calls me “a doggie”?

My wife came from the shop today. I got on my knees and started to take off her shoes as usual. She looked and whistled at me like for a dog. I looked up and she spoke:

“I need to buy you a dog’s collar and leash. You’ll have to wear it whenever I feel like you to do it.”

She likes to treat me as her doggie. Do I like it? It’s not important what I like, but I must say that I love whatever she likes to do with me.

We were lying in the bed and my wife asked me:
“Do you dream of impregnating me?”
“Oh, yes my love!” – I replied excited that she might want to plan a baby with me.
“Do you know, that because I fuck with other men, there’s a chance that someone else will put a baby in me?” – she replied with a malicious smile on her face.

“Balls on a leash” – my wife loved it when I showed it to her. She can pull the rope and enjoy the pain which she’s giving me. She said, that she wants me to have my balls tied even in public places, so that she can grab the leash any moment and pull it to remind me who my mistress is.
I must say, that she doesn’t treat my testicles with delicacy and she liked the new way of torturing me. She also enjoy kicking and slapping my tied, strained balls.

Cuckolding is a one way road. Once you step that path, you’ll never feel your wife’s pussy the same as it was before… if only she will let you penetrate her again…
My wife lets me fuck her very occasionally, honestly, I can’t remember right now what it’s like to feel her pussy…

My cock really forgot how it is to feel a pussy. My wife prefers me to pleasure her with my tongue (I’m really good at it!) but she not allows me to cum or fuck her. She even doesn’t touches me “down there” for weeks. We agreed that only her pleasure counts so she doesn’t have to bother to please me. She kicks me in the balls or slaps me in the face from time to time, but this is mostly to calm me down (you may just imagine how horny pet I am when I don’t ejaculate for a month!).
The only way I can get release, is when she wants to feel a huge sperm load in her mouth and there are no other men around. This is when I get a blowjob from her. A perfect blowjob, which makes her famous, among a large group of men, for her oral skills:)

She loves how I get horny when I don’t cum for a long periods of time. She uses to say that it makes me a better puppy, more submissive and pathetic (what she really likes).
My wife showed me that a man can have a fantastic sexual life, without being even touched by a woman and without ejaculating for weeks. I’m glad she opened my eyes for the experiences that I never had with a woman. I’m totally sexually frustrated but very happy. I love to be owned by my wife and be fully submissive to her. I’m her faithful and loving puppy 🙂

My sissy pussy isn’t safe when my wife gets seriuos. She really loves to dominate and humiliate me in many ways. She also loves when it hurts me, phisically and mentally. I’m totally owned by her and she knows how to destroy the last pieces of my masculinity.
But she treats like that only me. For her lovers she is a submissive, little cumdump, who craves for slaps and hard fucking…
She uses to say, that “one submissive, beta male is enough for her”, that’s why she cheats with the real men.

I could say that my hand is the only pussy that I cum in, but it would be a lie. I’m not allowed to cum even in my hand. My wife is ignoring my sexual needs at all… My cock hasn’t been touched by her for so long… But that’s what we agreed – sex has to be all about her and my purpose is to serve her and give her pleasure. It’s weird, but I’m very happy with that. Giving pleasure without the possibility of “reward” is more pure and without selfishness.

She said that she likes when I don’t cum for a long time and that was a good idea to include a cum denial to my cucky life. Average time of cum denial she practices on me, is two weeks (average) but sometimes it extends to three weeks or even month. I know, that’s for our good, and that makes me a better husband and more submissive doggie for her. It’s frustrating as hell, but I love it and hope that she will extend the denial time to the three months, a half year or… maybe it will be a permanent denial, with a hope that I will cum one day in my life, but I will not know if it will be in a year or ten years spread of time…

A common scenario in our bedroom: we lay in our marital bed and my wife spreads her legs and points down with her finger, without any words. That’s a signal for me that my lady wants to be orally pleased. I go down and she covers us with the sheets. She wants to feel warm and comfortable and she doesn’t need to watch her pathetic hubby as he’s doing the job. She just lays on her back and enjoys licking. She doesn’t allow me to touch her, my hands have to be away from her. She gets very upset when I touch her while cunnilingus.
I always try to do my best and when I feel that she’s on the edge, I try to maximize her pleasure. Just before climax, she rises her hips and moans very loud. I have then to speed up licking so she can cum in the way she likes the most.
After she cums, she lays on her side with a sticked out bum. Then I use to lick her asshole and stick my tongue in her tight anal hole. Depends of intensiveness of the orgasm she had, it lasts up to five minutes.  I lick her ass, feet and my cock is hard and balls about to explode.
After she recovers, she tells me to stop licking her. Then she turns on the other side and goes sleep with her ass sticked out right on my hard cock… She doesn’t care about my pleasure, as we agreed that my purpose is to please her selflessly, whenever she wants to. So I fall asleep with a boner and dream about my beautiful lady…

She just spreaded her legs and told me “Lick it!”. I did my best and left without being even touched by her… “Good pet!” – she said. 

After one of the weekends, when I came home, she told me: 

“I wonder what to do: to give you a blowjob or to let you cum in my pussy? I’m not sure if your sperm will taste good after that, what you have been eating during the weekend”. 

The story ends with that she didn’t do any of those things and denied me to cum for ten days…

We went to the shower together. She was completely naked and so was I. I kneed before her, then she pushed her hips forward and stretched her pussy apart. She looked at me, her eyebrow went up, she smiled with contempt and a strong stream of hot piss flowed into my mouth. I tried to swallow all, making big sips, but the stream was too strong and some of her precious urine went over my face, chest and my cock at the end. I felt how my stomach fills with her piss and every swollen sip of it was making me owned more by her, my wife and mistress.  

After she has finished, I served her as a toilet paper by licking her pussy clean of the last drops of urine. She went out of the shower, leaving me there, and said “It was so humiliating for you, my doggie, wasn’t it?”. Yes, it was, but it made me a very happy doggie.

“Only real men can fuck me, and puppies like you are are only for pussy licking” – my wife told me. I agree and I know my place. I’m trying to be the best pussy licker, the best puppy she ever had. 

My job is to lick my lady’s pussy, stay hard and don’t cum. A sex, in which a man is not allowed to cum, is the purest act of pleasing woman, focusing only on her needs. It’s also a perfect way of using a sissy husband. He can’t give his wife a thrill of being owned by a dominant man but he is for her a good alternative for masturbation and for him it’s the ability to physically worship his lady.

She loves the tease and denial play. She has a lot of laugh when I spurt in a seconds when she lets me put my weenie in her, after a long time of no cumming.  

A woman does every thing for a reason. If she denies a man an orgasm, that means she cares and wants him to be a better man. The more the balls hurt the more the woman loves his man.