“I wonder which of my lovers will put a baby in me?”

I was in bed with my wife. She knew that my balls were full, so she decided to milk me for a healthy reasons.

“Put a condom on” – she said. I hoped that she would allow me to fuck her, but it didn’t happen. When I was done, she put her hand under the quilt and started to milk me. She was quiet and thinking about something else while doing it. Suddenly she said to me:

“I wonder which of my lovers will put a baby in me?”

My heart accelerated in a second.

“Maybe it will be me?” – I asked her.

“…you are not the man who will give me a baby, you know that.”

“…yes, I know… so, I think maybe Mike is the one… He is so masculine and he turns you on so much…” – I hardly replied.

“No, I think that maybe Peter will do it. He makes love with me so tenderly.” – she said and I couldn’t stand longer and I spurted my load into the condom.

My wife being pregnant with another man’s child is a huge turn on for me, but it is also a way for me to get used to the idea that this can happen considering our cuckold lifestyle. I must say that I feel comfortable with that…

Brand new webpage :)

We did it 🙂 After Tumblr told us (and thousands of NSFW bloggers) to get the f..k out, we were confused about what to do next? On Tumblr we had many of followers, some of them became a good internet friends of us… and suddenly it ended…

After a research we created pages on MeWe and Twitter but we had a big archive of posts and pictures we wanted to show. The other thought was if MeWe one day will ban nsfw content, then should we start again? So we decided to run our own website. All new content will go there and will be promoted on MeWe and Twitter. That will keep it safe from the risk of policy changes on those social platforms. It lasted a month but we did it and the website is available 🙂

On our new website you’ll find ALL blog posts from our Tumblr with all the pictures (divided into two main categories: photo shoots and daily photos).

Please comment the pictures and the posts. That gives us motivation to post new content 🙂

Thank you for being with us 🙂

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Tider does a real good job for the “PR” of my wife. There are more and more of our friends and people we met only once, who know that my wife cheats on me and is having sex with other men. Her Tinder’s profile description says it directly that she’s interested in sex and is not looking for a relationship. So when people who know us find her on Tinder, they are triple surprised: 1) that she has a profile even though she’s a married with me, 2) that she wrote she was looking for sex 3) that she has a couple of erotic pics in her profile’s gallery.

There’s a story connected with the above. My wife’s best friend Annie met with her ex boyfriend. Annie told my wife the whole dialogue that she had with her ex (I call my wife “K” like “Kitty” in this dialogue, because I don’t want to use her real name – sorry for that, privacy issues).

“Ann… it’s weird, but I want to tell you something…” – he said – “I saw K’s profile on Tinder…”

“So what’s the big deal about that?” – Annie replied – “I know she has one”.

“…but doesn’t she has a husband?” – he asked.

“Yes, she does.”

“…does she… you know… does she meet with other men? Does she fuck with them?” – he was confused. 

“Did you swipe her right?” – Annie asked.

“No, she’s your friend! I couldn’t do that”

“Why? K. is a hot chick and you would ask her by yourself if she fucks” – Ann said.

“oh… ok… I think I should have done that… I looked her photos… She has very hot pics in there… Oh, come on, tell me if she fucks with other men?” – he was really curious.

“Maybe you should take your phone and call K.?” – Ann replied. 

I’m really proud of being an official cuckold and do not regret coming out of the closet. I know that a lot of people make fun of me but they doesn’t have one thing I have: my wife’s love.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

It was evening as usual. I was sitting on the sofa, my wife was next to me. She had uncaged my cock just after she returned from work, so I was feeling very comfortable.
Suddenly she put her foot on my pants, just where my cock was. I have to add that I didn’t cum for more than three weeks, so my balls were full. My cock got hard immediately. She felt that under her foot and smiled. Then she started to press my cuck-clitty with her foot looking straight into my eyes. I felt so good but I started to panic because I knew that I wasn’t going to stand it without cumming. She pressed me harder (it was about fifth or sixth move of her foot on my cock) as I felt that my cock spurted a three-week load right into my pants. She removed her foot and started to laugh.
“Oh, my sissy boy got wet in his pants… What a little pussy of you… You got wet like a teenager … It is so embarrassing… Go and clean yourself.” – my wife said with sarcasm. I knew that cumming without her permission will have its consequences… It all happened two days ago and I’m still waiting for my punishment…

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Considering the institution of marriage, a marital fidelity and having an offspring are two of the most important things. Most of people can’t understand our marriage, especially the facts that my wife isn’t faithful to me and that I accept and enjoy the fact that I am going to raise another man’s child if she decides to get pregnant.
Maybe that’s why we are such a good couple, a strong, dominant woman and a submissive, beta man. It would be difficult for her to have a dominant, alpha male as a husband and to live with him under the same roof. In our relationship she can cuddle with me and have her sexual needs fulfilled with other men. That works the best, especially when you consider that the beta husband doesn’t have to be the one who will impregnate her to be a biological father for the child.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

“I’m sooo horny! You can’t imagine how much I want to be fucked!” – my wife said to me when we were in bed before sleep. A burst of adrenaline was pumped into my veins when I heard that. I thought that was going to be my lucky day and she would let me fuck her.

“Really? Do you… Do you want to fuck with me?” – I asked aroused.

“No, I see you every day, I got bored by your cock. I want a new one. Besides, I want to fuck hard like an animal, and you can offer me only cuddling. Don’t get me wrong, I love you and I love to cuddle with you but when I am horny I want to have a man beside me. A real man” – she paused – “…Now go down and check if my cunt tastes good”.

So I went down and licked her pussy. She came intensively and said:

“Good night. You did a good job but you don’t deserve to cum. Now turn around to the other side, I don’t want you to snore into my face.”

Monday, October 22, 2018

I clearly remember the day as I confessed my wife that she can be sure that I will accept as mine any child she will be pregnant with. I told her that I know we are having fun in a risky lifestyle of cuckolding and we don’t want to change it. She really loves it and truly needs to have sex with other men. I didn’t expect that having regular sexual intercourses with other men can be such an important thing to her. 

I, on the other hand, always wanted to be in such a relationship and love the freedom that my wife has. I also love that we are such a great friends. Bringing all that things about our marriage together, it’s obvious that we have to accept a possible consequences. One of them is my wife being pregnant with other man. As her husband and the best friend, I assured her that I will be a wonderful, loving father to the child. That is what best friends and loving husbands are for. 

I sincerely look forward to the day when this will happen… In our marriage, I have bigger “maternity needs” than my wife and she knows that. I am curious what and when life will bring us 🙂

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

My wife seen one of the main shareholders of her company yesterday. He couldn’t have seen her, but it reminded me the conversation that my wife had with Alex, the guy from Germany who fucked her on 8th of April, 2018. The whole story you may find here

“Would you fuck for money?” – Alex asked my wife.

“I’m not sure if I would want to do do it for money, but I would do it for sure for some kind of career benefits” – she replied. 

“With whom you would do it?” – he was curious.

“With older men”

“With men at what age?” – Alex didn’t give up.

“Sixty years or older. Rich and powerful.” – she replied smiling and looking in his eyes.

“You are a spoiled and bad woman” – Alex said with a disgust. Fortunately, my wife had sucked his cock after that and let him fuck her one more time. The disgust that Alex had for my wife was’t something that kept him from putting his cock in her and then blowing his load on her face. 

What have changed since April? Definitely my wife has a stronger fantasy to fuck for money with men. She thinks that if they would pay, then they would treat her truly like a whore and they would want to use her like a fuckmeat, having no fear to slap, beat her or spit in her mouth. She really loves to feel like a trash but I can’t give her that… Sadly, a lot of men who fuck her can’t too… So maybe sex for money is a good thing to consider?

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

We think that Peter, my wife’s regular lover, probably fell in love with her. She will meet with him this week after a longer break because of her vacations and our trip, so she will know something more in the topic. They were talking by phone and she said that he was missing her and thinking a lot about her. She said that there was something else in his voice… Considering their last tender and gentle sex, there might be something in the air…

“I’m afraid that Peter can fall in love with me…” – my wife said to me.

“That would be great! Two men loving the same woman… double the love for you, my darling! It’s fabulous to know that other man is caring about you and you will also find love in his arms” – I replied. 

“I bet you also want me to fall in love with him?” – she asked me and smiled.

“Of course, my dear, it’s a great feeling to be in love and you deserve to get from the life all the best things, including being in love with other men. Our marriage shouldn’t be an obstacle to you… But I hope you will keep me as your husband and still love me too?” – I said and she just smiled and we kissed. Maybe a polyamory is a way for our marriage?

Monday, October 1, 2018

“There isn’t something like a gentle fucking from behind. He took me hard and his balls were loudly slapping against my clit” – my wife replied me when I asked if Peter was still gentle making love with her after they changed position to doggy style.
Every guy gets a burst of testosterone and adrenaline when my wife bends over before him and starts to fuck her as hard as he can. Even if he is a gentle guy who loves her.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

I came home from office today and saw my wife in an excellent mood, happy and smiling. That was because Peter called her today and was talking with her like a real alpha male should.
“Would you meet with me on Friday?” – he asked.
“I can’t… I have to go to see my parents this weekend. I’m leaving on Friday” – my wife replied.
“So maybe we can meet for an hour just after your work? – he proposed.
“On Fridays I am available to take me for a whole night play, during a week I offer hourly services” – my wife said.
“… sometimes I’m afraid to hear your replies… But I love them anyway” – Peter replied and made my wife his again. She is thinking about him now and I know looking at her, why there’s a smile on her face.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

I was cuddling my wife. We were kissing and looking at eachother with such love, that we felt it in every cell of our bodies. I felt that I have to say something to my wife, something very important:
“I love you, I dream about having a baby with you, to give it a life in your tummy…” – I said.
“You want to have a baby with me? You want to to impregnate me?” – she started to laugh – “I will never give you a baby! You are my loving cucky and cuckies don’t pass their genes to the next generation! I love you but that’s something I won’t agree” – she continued and then kissed and cuddled me.
One may think that was one of the cruellest things that a wife can say to a husband. But that’s not what I think. My wife loves me and fully accepts me as a cuckold. She knows that sometimes I act some male’s behavior, but it isn’t true me. She knows me better and stops the thoughts that doesn’t really match my personality. That is why I love her even more.
…and the baby thing: I’m sure that one day she will want somebody to fertilize her or it will be an accidental thing. Then I will become a father for that child.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Peter, my wife’s regular lover, called her today. She told me the part of their dialogue:

“Do you still remember me?” – Peter asked my wife.

“It happened to me several times to forget the face of a guy who has been between my legs, but you are the one that I remember” – my wife replied.

My wife asked him when he will have a free afternoon to fuck her, so she could kick me out of home, so they could have our apartment just for themselves. 

My wife likes when I call her “a mare”. The name is after the pose that she does when she is standing and someone is fucking her from behind. It looks just like mare’s ass ready to be fertilized by a stallion. She let me take this pic so you can imagine how it looks 🙂
Here’s an excrecise:
Find one picture that is not like the others.

Answer: There is none.

Friday, September 14, 2018

A few days ago we were talking and I told my wife that sometimes I can’t stand my permanent sexual arousal and I asked her if she would agree to castrate me. That’s not a joke or fantasy, my sexual arousal bothers me in everyday life. I want to stop feeling it… Make it end… The castration would be definite but radical way to ease my life. I told her that I am sure that I want to do it and also I have money to pay for the surgery and find a doctor who would do that (it is illegal in our country, but I would go abroad for the surgery). 

“No!” – my wife said – “ I don’t agree. I want you to have your balls”.

“But why? It would make my life easier… You told me that you don’t want me to impregnate you, so that is an another reason to cut off my balls… They are useless and turn my life into a nightmare…” – I replied begging in my voice.

“That’s why I want you to have your balls. I want you to suffer. I love when you are permanently horny and look at me with that eyes full of desire. Your balls don’t change the fact that you are my sissy boy and that you’ll never have your own, biological child”.  

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Our neighbors have a great view when my wife relaxes with a book on our balcony. They also know that I’m not at home while they hear her moans as she cums (she’s very loud)… because they see that my parking place is not occupied…
All the neighbors know that she’s cheating on me… Maybe that’s why they look at me with a regret when they see me.

Friday, September 7, 2018

We checked in our last hotel of the trip. Kitty was exhausted and was resting on the bed…

Today in the morning we were in bed and she pushed her foot between my legs. I spread them and she touched softly my balls with the top of her foot. I knew what she was going to do, I know her very good… I was excited and scared as fuck in one moment… Then she took back her foot a little and kicked me in the balls… I looked at her with pain in my eyes and she said “cuddle to me, my little pussy, cuddle to me, my little girl…”

Thursday, September 6, 2018

My wife took some exercises at the hotel in Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy. She takes it very serious to stay fit. She said that I acted embarrassing, because I was staying there, watching at her feet and masturbating…

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

My wife knows that using Tinder in front of me humiliates me. Sometimes she shows me guys and tells me why she thinks they are hot, but most of the times she just uses Tinder on alone, without saying a word to me. She likes when I know that it is her sexual life and she doesn’t care if it turns me on or not. Only her pleasure counts.

Saturday, September 1, 2018

We are on a trip. Tomorrow we will leave Torino (Italy) and will stay for two nights somewhere near Venice (probably we will stay in Vicenza).
Kitty is active on Tinder and she hopes to find some hot guys 😉
Here are the pics that I took today morning in our hotel room in Torino 🙂