I talked with my wife about what she feels about me while she’s cheating? She said that she doesn’t think about me and her lover is then all in her mind. So we agreed, that during the act of cheating, we are a marriage only just formally…

Can you imagine that the guy, who fucked my wife last weekend, was surprised that there’s something like a foot fetish and some men love to worship feet? My wife told him, that I’m a foot fetishist and I’m totally into worshipping her feet. He said that’s weird and he doesn’t find anything sexy in feet…
So, please look at the photo of my wife’s feet and ask yourself a question, is it possible not to adore them? It’s impossible 🙂

PS. Sorry for the formatting of yesterday’s post (all the text melted into one big block). I pasted it into Tumblr from external text editor and it looked good in the desktop version of the blog, but on the mobile app it looked like shit. I have updated it, so you are welcome to read it 🙂

A few moments before Kitty’s foot slapped my balls…

My wife knows the power of her feet 🙂 So guys, let’s sit comfortably and jerk to the pic of her feet, just like I do it at the moment 🙂

The only small size thing that can go to Kitty’s mouth is a piece of Twix 😉

You don’t have to be gentle when you fuck someone’s else wife. It also applies to fucking my wife.

Is there any correlation between cuckolding and a foot fetish? While browsing cuckold oriented porn sites and reading the forums, I found out that most cucks have also a foot fetish. It also applies to me 🙂 Of course, I haven’t done any objective research, it’s just my impression.

Yesterday Kitty gave me her foot so I could lick it. I licked each of her toes, the sole and bit the edge of her soft foot… I get so turned on that I started to desperately lick her heels and the soles so her feet were completely wet. She had enough, so she ordered me to stop and slapped me hard in my face with her socks. I stopped immediately and looked at her with regret in my eyes. I felt so humiliated… So lovely humiliated…

‎The most painful thing when a woman cheats is that, when she is fucked by her lover she doesn’t think about her husband.

Kitty’s little foot under the shower…

After one of the weekends, when I came home, she told me: 

“I wonder what to do: to give you a blowjob or to let you cum in my pussy? I’m not sure if your sperm will taste good after that, what you have been eating during the weekend”. 

The story ends with that she didn’t do any of those things and denied me to cum for ten days…

A woman does every thing for a reason. If she denies a man an orgasm, that means she cares and wants him to be a better man. The more the balls hurt the more the woman loves his man.

My wife told me, that if she decides to have the regular lovers, she will let them fuck her bareback. First it would be anal sex then her pussy (she has to take the prescription from the doctor). But every men that fuck her, can cum in her mouth if they want to. She will swallow every guy’s cum, no matter how long does she know him. She likes sperm too much to spoil it by spitting the load off.

I would love to see a strange man fucking her sticked out ass… I would just lay and watch how he pleasures her and how she is enjoying a real dominant guy. Occasionally she would look at me with her eyes saying “look, this is how a man can please me. You never did it that way and never will”.

I just edged several times looking at the Kitty’s feet…

My view in the morning 🙂

…some guys may find her like this in the morning after the night full of sex with her.

Kitty’s back on Tinder!

After two weeks since she came back from her holiday, with her cunt stretched and made sore by the two guys, Kitty’s looking for the new cocks now!
We are travelling to Lithuania and stopped in Bialystok, Poland for a night. What Kitty did right after we checked in the hotel? She launched Tinder!
So maybe tonight I will have to take a long walk, before going to sleep, to let my wife use our hotel room with a nice stranger, who will do right the things to her that her husband can’t do as good as she wants…

“I want you to fuck me today” – she said to me while her hand grabbed my cock locked in a chastity cage.

“Really? Why did you change your mind?” – I was very curious.

“I need you to stretch my cunt so it will be ready for Vladislav’s cock. Unfortunately, your cock isn’t as big as his but I have no choice.” – she replied.

“…but I’m so horny, my balls are so full… I will cum after the first two moves… will you be angry with me?” – I said realizing that I won’t be able to satisfy her with my cock after the long period of denial. I know I will cum like a teen sissy boy just after seeing her marvelous, shaved pussy… I used to satisfy her with my tongue so I use my cock on her very rare…

“I like when you cum that quick. It makes me feel that I own you more. And it’s so pathetic how you act after that… Just like the last time, when you cummed in the sheets while licking my cunt. It was so embarrassing.” – my wife said looking in my eyes.

“…I fuck like a sissy…” – I felt so humiliated hearing what she thinks of me.

“Yes, you fuck like a sissy”

“On Monday a real man will fuck you. Vladislav will come here and give you what you need” – I had to face the facts.

“Yes, he will fuck me good” – my wife said and went to have a shower.

Today we were sitting on the quay. The talk went to the big cocks topics. She told me that she has a friend that fucks only with the black men and she told her that most of them have big and massive cocks.
As far as I remember, she wasn’t in the BBC stuff, but today she told me that she wants to try. It’s all about big cocks, she got crazy about it. So many years with the regular size as mine, can be boring and unsatisfying for every woman. Now she wants to fill her cunt with a cock that will make her moan with every single move it will do.

What do you see when you wake up? I have this view 🙂 pics taken just 5 minutes ago 🙂