Can you imagine that the guy, who fucked my wife last weekend, was surprised that there’s something like a foot fetish and some men love to worship feet? My wife told him, that I’m a foot fetishist and I’m totally into worshipping her feet. He said that’s weird and he doesn’t find anything sexy in feet…
So, please look at the photo of my wife’s feet and ask yourself a question, is it possible not to adore them? It’s impossible 🙂

PS. Sorry for the formatting of yesterday’s post (all the text melted into one big block). I pasted it into Tumblr from external text editor and it looked good in the desktop version of the blog, but on the mobile app it looked like shit. I have updated it, so you are welcome to read it 🙂

Yes, she lets me lick them everyday… She denies me a lot of things but I can worship her feet as much as I want…

Sometimes, when I look at my wife’s sexy feet, I want to take a belt or a lash and smack them really hard… until the bloody marks will show up… I want to hear her scream in pain as I destroy her beautiful soles… But, there’s one thing that turns me on more than this… one of her lovers could do that… leaving her with the sore feet for me to take care of her…

She needs to be spread and cocked. My wife wants to be used by dominant men and she wants to feel that they treat her like a fucktoy.

My wife knows the power of her feet 🙂 So guys, let’s sit comfortably and jerk to the pic of her feet, just like I do it at the moment 🙂

Yesterday, after my wife came back home from the business party, on which she was french kissing with a coworker, she sat and told me everything. Then she put her foot on my hard cock in pants and started to rub it while telling me how she wants that guy to fuck her… She was looking at me with contempt and rubbing my cock so hard with her foot. I couldn’t handle it anymore and I spurted a one week load in my best pants, which I wear to work…She looked what I have done and kicked my balls… Then she started laughing and said that I look pathetic with my pants wet from my own cum…

Is there any correlation between cuckolding and a foot fetish? While browsing cuckold oriented porn sites and reading the forums, I found out that most cucks have also a foot fetish. It also applies to me 🙂 Of course, I haven’t done any objective research, it’s just my impression.

Yesterday Kitty gave me her foot so I could lick it. I licked each of her toes, the sole and bit the edge of her soft foot… I get so turned on that I started to desperately lick her heels and the soles so her feet were completely wet. She had enough, so she ordered me to stop and slapped me hard in my face with her socks. I stopped immediately and looked at her with regret in my eyes. I felt so humiliated… So lovely humiliated…

Kitty’s little foot under the shower…

The feet to cum on them… We would love to meet a bull who would spray them with his sperm and watch as I clean then with my tongue…

Tomorrow is the Saturday and my wife will go to the club with her best girl friend. Her period is ending, I hope it will be gone since tomorrow, because she wants to be fucked by a hot stranger. I gave her a challenge for the Saturday night, that she has to make at least one man cum. How she will do it – doesn’t matter. It can be fucking (if her period will end) or blowjob/handjob/whatever. I asked her to take picture of her while doing that 🙂

I’m so jealous about my wife being so submissive with the other guys. This is the most humiliating thing, a dominant woman to me, becomes a submissive slut for the other men. She needs to be treated like a fucktoy but she can find it only outside our marriage, I’m just a pussy hubby, too weak to fuck his wife good (this is why she calls me her “puppy”)

Balls kicking

Looking at her feet I have a great need my wife to kick me in the balls. Sometimes she slaps my balls with her hand and it hurts, but kicking with such a sexy foot would be a mystical experience… But I know it will hurt as hell and I’m afraid to beg her to do it… Lucky me, she reads all the posts, so I think in a short time, my balls will be in trouble 😉

It’s so hard not to bite them when we are in public… But I sometimes just can’t stand it and lick her feet even though I know that someone is watching. It happened that day… A young angler saw how I lick Kitty’s feet 🙂

“You are my little puppy and you are here to give me pleasure. The other men, which I choose, will fuck me like I was their whore. Not you.” – my wife told me that yesterday, just after I licked her pussy and wanted to put my weenie in her cunt. She didn’t allowed me. It would be a very short intercourse, but she didn’t want to see me trying to do things the real men do with her.

Ade the Superbully is back!

Do you remember the story about the Superbully from this post? His name was Ade. Kitty has paired with him on Tinder last week!

She wants to have a date with him. 

“I will remind him what was between us” – she told me – “and I will spend a whole night with him. She will be fucking me several times”.

Yes, she needs a hot guy to fuck her good and give her what she doesn’t finds at home.

I love when she lets me jerk off on her feet and then orders me to clean her feet from my cum with tongue.

Kitty’s browsing the pics I took her. Soon they will start appearing on the blog 🙂

New cocks – top reason for cheating

“The thing that turns me on the most in cheating are the new cocks. I’m always curious about how the new guy’s cock will be.” – Kitty told me last night and then added – “I was so curious about the guy’s from Holland cock, and when I pulled his pants, I was very pleased”.

The guy had a very big cock and he fucked my wife from behind very hard. She came with him and her cunt was sore the whole day after… She loved that size, she felt him so much. He filled her cunt deeply and reminded her how it’s like to feel a real cock instead her hubby’s weenie…

Just having fun with Kitty in Vilnius, Lithuania.

She can’t stop telling me how the two guys at the holiday fucked her well. The one, with the huge cock, who reminded her how it’s like to have her cunt fully filled with cock and the other, who fucked her roughly and humiliated her.