Saturday, September 1, 2018

We are on a trip. Tomorrow we will leave Torino (Italy) and will stay for two nights somewhere near Venice (probably we will stay in Vicenza).
Kitty is active on Tinder and she hopes to find some hot guys 😉
Here are the pics that I took today morning in our hotel room in Torino 🙂

Peter, my wife’s lover, goes back from his vacation with family next week. You know what is going to happen? 😉 Our maritial bed will be on fire next week… She’s missing making love with him… And I hope she will let me masturbate and cum after she will tell me what they did.

I talked with my wife about what she feels about me while she’s cheating? She said that she doesn’t think about me and her lover is then all in her mind. So we agreed, that during the act of cheating, we are a marriage only just formally…

Yes, she lets me lick them everyday… She denies me a lot of things but I can worship her feet as much as I want…

New year, new cocks to come 🙂 In addition to the one night stands, my wife wants this year a real romances, with dating, long talks and maybe something on the edge of falling in love. 

One of the romances has just begun. The guy has a young wife and a child. They just tongued, but we think it will grow to something hot, intensive and long term. You can only imagine, how my wife smiles when she talks about this guy… It’s like high school love 🙂

A few moments before Kitty’s foot slapped my balls…

My wife knows the power of her feet 🙂 So guys, let’s sit comfortably and jerk to the pic of her feet, just like I do it at the moment 🙂

There is nothing better than horribly sore balls after a long session of edging looking at the photos of my own wife 🙂

My wife still didn’t fucked a black guy. So if something went “wrong” I still have a chance that our baby will be white 🙂

Is there any correlation between cuckolding and a foot fetish? While browsing cuckold oriented porn sites and reading the forums, I found out that most cucks have also a foot fetish. It also applies to me 🙂 Of course, I haven’t done any objective research, it’s just my impression.

Kitty’s little foot under the shower…

The feet to cum on them… We would love to meet a bull who would spray them with his sperm and watch as I clean then with my tongue…

“I know he will fuck me one day” – my wife said after telling me about a colleague from her office. He is very dominant and rude… no, he’s a real motherfucker. But she knows he wants to fuck her and she is so wet thinking about him… They have a plan to take a business trip to Austria. I hope he’ll make it to happen. My wife needs a man, a real man, who knows how to use a whore.

A woman does every thing for a reason. If she denies a man an orgasm, that means she cares and wants him to be a better man. The more the balls hurt the more the woman loves his man.


at the moment

someone is fucking your wife, seconds flow like hours. It’s the most frustrating and stressful time and you wish it would end. You know that the other man is now in the control and he will do with your wife whatever he wants. And she doesn’t think of you in that moment, she is fully owned by him. There’s no place for you, when they are fucking. No place for the three. Just the two of them: your wife and the man who owns her.

I’m so jealous about my wife being so submissive with the other guys. This is the most humiliating thing, a dominant woman to me, becomes a submissive slut for the other men. She needs to be treated like a fucktoy but she can find it only outside our marriage, I’m just a pussy hubby, too weak to fuck his wife good (this is why she calls me her “puppy”)

Balls kicking

Looking at her feet I have a great need my wife to kick me in the balls. Sometimes she slaps my balls with her hand and it hurts, but kicking with such a sexy foot would be a mystical experience… But I know it will hurt as hell and I’m afraid to beg her to do it… Lucky me, she reads all the posts, so I think in a short time, my balls will be in trouble 😉

It’s so hard not to bite them when we are in public… But I sometimes just can’t stand it and lick her feet even though I know that someone is watching. It happened that day… A young angler saw how I lick Kitty’s feet 🙂

My wife told me, that if she decides to have the regular lovers, she will let them fuck her bareback. First it would be anal sex then her pussy (she has to take the prescription from the doctor). But every men that fuck her, can cum in her mouth if they want to. She will swallow every guy’s cum, no matter how long does she know him. She likes sperm too much to spoil it by spitting the load off.

“The guys, who fucked me, didn’t put their cocks inside me as gently as you do. They put them right away balls deep and then fuck me very hard” – Kitty said, after I fucked her. She loves when the guys fuck her roughly and treat her like a whore. This is why she prefers sex with them than with me.