FootsieHotwife moves to Twitter

Dear fans of my slutty wife!

Due to changes in Tumblr’s policy, since the 17th of December 2018 no erotic and porn content will be allowed. There will be no more pics of Kitty’s tits, pussy, ass nor even feet… All the posts are marked by Tumblr to be removed…

…but it doesn’t mean that the story of Kitty and her slutty adventures ends!

I have a full backup of all posts and pictures and soon I will move the content to a new place. The blog will be available at 

I need a couple of days to run the new website, but I have a lot of new ideas so our blog will be taken to the next level 🙂

To stay in touch please follow us on Twitter @FootsieHotwife I will be sending a new content there and will inform you about the updates!

It were two great years of writing about my wife and chatting with you! I met a lot of friends here…

I wrote 955 posts and uploaded 2218 pics of my wife. The blog had 7124 followers.

Thank you for being with us and see you on Twitter and!