She said that she likes when I don’t cum for a long time and that was a good idea to include a cum denial to my cucky life. Average time of cum denial she practices on me, is two weeks (average) but sometimes it extends to three weeks or even month. I know, that’s for our good, and that makes me a better husband and more submissive doggie for her. It’s frustrating as hell, but I love it and hope that she will extend the denial time to the three months, a half year or… maybe it will be a permanent denial, with a hope that I will cum one day in my life, but I will not know if it will be in a year or ten years spread of time…

It’s so hard to explain what I feel when my wife is having sex with someone else. Sometimes I know for sure that it will begin in a few minutes (like the last time, when she texted me “I’m dancing with a guy from Germany. I’m going with him to the beach by the rocks” and after 15 minutes she had his cock in her mouth), sometimes I know that she is going out to the club and it may end with sex (if she will find someone attractive)  and there are planned dates, on which I know who will she meet, when and where it will happen.
The hardest, but the most exciting, is the time, when I know that she is cheating on me AT THE MOMENT. I know that she doesn’t think about me at then and I feel like she left me for that period of time. It’s a feeling similar to that like she would break up with me for another guy… When I’m sitting and being aware that it is happening NOW, I just don’t know what to do. I feel PANIC, anger, jealousy and being so helpless, so powerless and weak… My heart wants to jump out of my chest and I feel a heat pumping through my neck to the brain. I don’t know why I feel panic, but it’s very intensive feeling. On one hand I pray that it ends, with her calling me and telling “we are done” and on the other hand, I wish it last as long as possible, so the guy could fuck her good.
Someone asked me lately, if I will get use to it? I wish it won’t happen… It’s the greatest mix of feelings that a cuckold can have thanks to his hotwife.

The sex will always be better outside the marriage, especially when a woman has a husband, who disappoints her as a lover.

I’m so curious how does it feel to stab a woman’s cervix with the tip of my cock? I will never know, my dick is too short and, what’s more important, I will never fuck any other woman than my wife. But there’s a way to fulfill my curiosity – my wife can tell me how does a woman feels that 🙂  There were a a lot of her lovers, who had cock big enough to stick it deep in her womb to reach the cervix.

It would be so humiliating when all our friends will know that my wife cheats on me… They will know that’s because I’m not attractive enough for such a pretty woman and I’m a lame lover so she is forced to satisfy her sexual needs outside our marriage… Funny thing is, that all of her girl friends know that she’s cheating on me and they understand and support her in what she’s doing…

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If my wife is dominating over me and she likes to be dominated and humiliated by her lovers, so what does it makes me? A faggot? Wimp cucky? Is there a word which describes that?

My view in the morning 🙂

…some guys may find her like this in the morning after the night full of sex with her.

Please, help me bang my wife!

She needs a rough fucking by a dominant man. She wants to be his slut, cumbag and cocksucker… Just like she was for the two guys who fucked her two weeks ago…

My wife’s best sex since we have been married

The guy from Germany gave my wife the best sex since she has been married to me. I just can’t compare myself to his masculinity and his sexual skills. He fucked her better than I ever did and he met her only 15 minutes before fucking! I know my wife for years and I just can’t be as good as he was. He even had a smaller cock than me but with it he made my wife to cum twice! 

Real alpha male is a state of mind, not the size of the cock.

Kitty is going to a club with her friends on the Saturday. 

“Are you going to do some blowjobs there?” – I asked.

“I’m going to at least to kiss with the guys“ – Kitty replied me about her plans. 

So, she is going to cheat on me, that’s for sure. Now it is just a question what else, except kissing, she will do?

Time to become an escort?

I just can’t wait the first time Kitty will do it for the money. We talked about it and she likes the idea. She could have one to three regular clients and guest them in our place or in the hotels if they want to fuck her. She could also be payed for the whole night, so she could go with him to a restaurant, opera or to a club and then being fucked all night. She could service the “girlfriend experience” if they want.
She is very intelligent, classy and speaks languages, so they could take her to the business meetings as an escort.
We know what the prices will be (just after quick look on escorts ads). For the foreginers she might be cheap, because prices in Poland are not as high as on west Europe 🙂

I never thought I would have such a sexy wife. It’s good to be me 🙂

One day we will go to a club together. I will stand by the bar and she will be free to dance, flirt and kiss with men. She will act like I am one of her friends, not a husband. Then she will find a guy and she will spend with him the rest of the time. Maybe she will do him a blowjob in the toilet and will come to me and kiss me deeply, so I could taste his sperm in her mouth. Everyone will know what she did and will be disguisted that I kiss her. At the end, she will leave the club with the strange guy and go with him to a hotel, leaving me alone with my thoughts and jealousy.
It’s not just a fantasy. We talked about it and she likes the idea. It will happen.

Today we were sitting on the quay. The talk went to the big cocks topics. She told me that she has a friend that fucks only with the black men and she told her that most of them have big and massive cocks.
As far as I remember, she wasn’t in the BBC stuff, but today she told me that she wants to try. It’s all about big cocks, she got crazy about it. So many years with the regular size as mine, can be boring and unsatisfying for every woman. Now she wants to fill her cunt with a cock that will make her moan with every single move it will do.

I love when she is behind the wheel and I can watch her sexy long legs 🙂 The legs that she spreads for the other men…

My wife dedicates this photos for her marvelous fan from India. They were taken as he asked: legs crossed with hotwife’s anklet. We hope you like it @h0d0rhodor and we are happy that we can be in touch with you!

My wife told me that she wants to be an escort for a rich 50 yo guy and meet with him regularly. She starts to think that this may be a fun and also a chance to get some extra money. She agreed that we’ll give an ad that she is looking for a sponsor.

It’s not a joke or just saying… She really is going to do this…

Kitty is going out with the girls tonight. She called me and told that they want to chill but then added “chilling with my friends always ends on some hardcore”. 

Yes, the evening may end with some hardcore stuff. Her friends are stunning, young and single women. They are also whores, not as much as my wife, but they craves for cocks too.

So, yesterday she had a feeling that she will be sucking a stranger’s cock in a club’s toilet. She told me that she needs to make a whore of herself. Maybe the yesterday’s feeling will become tonight’s reality?

Now, she is with the girls drinking whisky. What does it mean? Somebody will have his balls emptied in my wife’s mouth tonight 🙂

My wife regularly meets with her friends. They don’t have any secrets and love to talk about their sex life. When Kitty was single, she was telling them all about her dates and how did they fucked her. Nothing changed since then. She is showing them the pictures of her lovers on Tinder and tells them how they fucked​ her and how big cocks they have. She is acting like a single, slutty woman, completely forgetting that she’s married and some stories should stay in our bedroom. Her friends, at the begining when she became a married woman, felt confused but they used to it and acting like her husband doesn’t exists.
It very humiliating for me, but it turns me on. It completes the way how a dominant wife should treat her husband. If she thinks that her hubby should know his place in the hierarchy, so it’s clear that her friends should think the same.

Do you remember the post I was writing that Kitty had a lunch with the lawyer, her ex coworker? Let’s call him Z.
So, we were going by a car and Kitty was driving. We weren’t talking, she was focused on the road and I was looking at her sexy legs. I love when she is behind the wheel and wearing a short dress. She pulls her up for more comfort, but it also makes my cock wanting to tear my pants.

Suddenly, she spoke: “I have a feeling that I will be fucking with Z.”.And that was end. The silence returned as if nothing had happened…

Sometime she doesn’t treat me as her husband but as friend. So that is why she tells me such things that are in her head, the desires, the needs, all the stuff that her husband couldn’t give her… She is telling that to her friend. Me.
From one side it is something more than usual love. It’s the nirvana of love, friendship and trust. From the other side, as her husband, it hurts me so much… But I love to be hurt by her…