22nd of July 2018 (Sunday), 2:52 PM

My wife is on the vacation in Hersonissos (Crete, Greece) – day 5

I got these surprise photos from my wife while she was sunbathing on the beach. I wanted to cum to that pics but she didn’t allow me…

April 12, 2018:

My wife returned home after today’s date. She told me that the guy (the consultant) is very intelligent and is a little cheeky asshole, what made her pussy wet 🙂 They don’t even kissed but the sex was in the air and he asked her for a second date.
She told me that, the next time the date will end up in a hotel room 😉

I could say that my hand is the only pussy that I cum in, but it would be a lie. I’m not allowed to cum even in my hand. My wife is ignoring my sexual needs at all… My cock hasn’t been touched by her for so long… But that’s what we agreed – sex has to be all about her and my purpose is to serve her and give her pleasure. It’s weird, but I’m very happy with that. Giving pleasure without the possibility of “reward” is more pure and without selfishness.

Look at her as she plays with the cum. She loves to have her mouth filled with huge loads of sperm and to be treated by her lovers as a trash, which she definitely is. My whore wife is just a cocksucker, cumdump and a fucktoy for the men. She likes her role and she knows what is the best place for her as for a woman: ON HER KNEES IN FRONT OF THE MAN with his cock buried deep inside her throat!

– “Will you be mad at me if I fuck with him?” – my wife asked me today about the guy, with whom she is going on a date next week.

– “How could I? I love when you cheat on me! Do you want to have sex with him?”

– “Yes, I want to” – she replied. 

The guy will have a lot of fun fucking my wife… 

My wife’s pussy feels so tight, warm and wet… I’m so jealous about the men who dumped their seed in her… Every time she lets me put my cock inside her I think about the other men who were stretching her pussy and were pushing their cocks deep inside her, hearing the music of her moans… It would be so right if one of them would impregnate her… the best one of them all…

“Only real men can fuck me, and puppies like you are are only for pussy licking” – my wife told me. I agree and I know my place. I’m trying to be the best pussy licker, the best puppy she ever had. 

I wish my wife will meet a guy with an impregnation fetish and somehow he will manage to knock her up. Maybe a condom will “break” or he will use her bareback when she will be drunk?

Sex is just a pretending of nature’s procreation act. Cheating is not all about just pleasure, deep inside her subconscious she wants his baby. It’s just we, people,  as the intelligent creatures, fool ourselves that sex is just for fun. No, it isn’t. Women select the best males for giving them the baby and the other men to raise them. My wife for example, doesn’t want me to penetrate her often, but prefers to give me blowjobs. Her

subconscious stops her to let me put my seed in her. It’s not good enough… But with the newly met guys, she wants to be penetrated every time. She sees in me a good provider but not a stud, the male, which can give her his potent and valuable sperm.  

I thought lately that cum denial makes my sex life more intensive and helps me to serve better to my wife. Most men, who don’t cum, are getting the level of testosterone that makes them aggressive and more dominant. Cucky husband like me is different. The longer period of denial makes me more submissive and I can reach really pathetic levels. But my wife likes to have such a submissive puppy at home. Puppies lick good, but you don’t have sex with them. Sex is with the Bulls.

Kitty’s so exhausted after we came to our hotel room in Wilno, Lithuania.

She wants a rich, old guy to regularly fuck her. Her body is for sale… Sooner or later, my wife will officially become an escort as she will earn her first money for having sex.
The next step would be adding an ad on escorts board website. Do you think this picture is good for that?

The Huge Cocked Vladislav will be given an another chance

Vlad is texting my wife, writing how horny he is and how he craves for her pussy. We think that the last time there was a misunderstanding about the time and the date of the meeting. I told my wife to call him and let him explain himself. If everything will be ok, Kitty will let him pound her cock hungry cunt.
First, she was against that idea, because she is too proud to do that. I told her, that she is a slut and everybody knows that, so she should put her pride into her pocket (or ass) and call Vladislav and ask him to fuck her. She’s a whore, so she should act like one. Her pride means shit to Vladislav, he only wants her cunt for fucking, so it is better for her to be a good girl and beg him for destroying her cunt with his monster cock.

My wife puts her anklet on while going to work. She likes the feeling when men stare at it and she isn’t sure, if they know what does it mean or not 🙂

She told me today that she thinks of sex all day, just like men do. And it isn’t me that she is thinking about. If I were a girl and had that hot lovers as my wife has, I wouldn’t think of my wimpy, sissy hubby at all. So I don’t blame her for that.

Vladislav confirmed to my wife that he’ll come to fuck her tomorrow at 9pm. Now my wife is in the other room talking about it with her friend. I hear as she laugh telling her about him.
I had my cock caged and I’m starting to clean our apartment for her tomorrow’s guest. I have to change the sheets on bed, so Vlad could feel comfortable fucking my wife in our marital bed.
Tomorrow I’ll leave home and will be waiting in our car. My wife knows that she doesn’t have to care about me and can stay with Vlad until the morning. I will wait for her permission to come back home…


Kitty was sitting and doing her nails. We were talking about Vladislav (the guy with the big cock, who she wants to meet). Suddenly she said “I want you to lick my cunt”. We went to the bedroom, and she ordered me to take off her panties with my teeth. Then I started licking her wet cunt. She had a huge and intensive orgasm, and curled on bed to rest. Then I took these photos:



After a while, she lay down on her back and said “put a condom on and prepare me for Vladislav’s cock”.

I have done what she ordered. I put my cock inside her and started to fuck her. I was so turned on and about to cum. I knew that I have to fuck her but also I was aware that she told me that I don’t have the right to cum until she fucks Vladislav. I told her that I’m on the edge and I will cum in the next few moves. I was hoping that she will show some mercy for me and let me empty my balls, but she suddenly slapped me in the face and pushed me away yelling “PULL IT OUT, NOW! I SAID YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO CUM!”. I was so surprised and scared… She stood up and went to the bathroom, leaving me on the bed, pitifully masturbating without even the chance to cum…

Still on the beach. I look at the daddy’s walking around and looking at my wife 😉 If they only knew how whore she is 🙂

Going to the beach today! It’s beautiful Sunday, sun is shining and no clouds in the sky! Kitty needs to sunbath and get tanned for me and her lovers 😉

My wife is the first woman, that I know, who openly admits that she’s a hose. She loves to fuck and to change cocks.
She used to change her lovers very often, because she was bored.
We love very much, but my body and my cock are no exception and also bored her. That’s why she is still looking for the new guys.
I asked her if she wants to change it how do we live and became faithful? “No! I like it!” – she replied. I have nothing to do just to fullfill her wish 🙂

Once she came to me and said an interesting fact about the young male model that fucked her (let’s call him X, I wrote about it in this post): “Do you know that X is in the top 10 Polish modeling discoveries? I read about it on the Internet”.

So you know, if I’m writing that “my wife chooses hot guys” now you know how hot they are. Unfortunately, I can’t post his pictures here, even though they are publicly available on the Internet…

Her subconscious chooses the best genes and the best seed, but she’s trying to “cheat” on nature by using the condoms and swallowing the cum. In fact, X could fuck a pretty and healthy baby into my wife 😉