If your cock is 9 inches or more, I’ll give you my place in bed next to my wife…

The average sized cock is pleasant like the Bud Light. 9 inches or more are like the real Scotch whisky. My wife’s drinks whisky when she wants to “play” 😉

I hope when my wife will find a regular boyfriend, he won’t be so jealous and will share her with me

Maybe the next week my wife will spread her legs like this for Ade… First, he will lick her pussy, maybe she will be spreading her labia while he will be licking her… and then he will push his big cock inside her and she will wrap her legs around him…

Ade is one of the hottest man she knows. Ade is a dominant and truly an alpha male. Ade takes what he wants… Ade will take my wife…

“Fuckin’ sucker!”

“Fuckin’ sucker!” – that were the last words of the guy from Germany to my wife, before he filled her mouth with his warm cum.

An international sex exchange

Kitty told her friend that she regrets not giving the guys, who fucked her in Greece, her phone number.

“One weekend I would go to Germany to that guy and let him fuck me and then I would invite him to Poland to do the same. Then I would repeat that with Rick from Holland!” – she told her – “…that would be a great international exchange 🙂 “.

Rick’s big cock penetrated my wife

Rick, the guy from Holland, stretched out my wife’s cunt with his huge cock. She called me just after he fucked her. I asked her, if he had bigger cock – “Yes” – she said – “he’s much bigger than you”.

Her cunt needed to be filled, and Rick did it. He penetrated my wife the way I will never be able to with my own cock…

My view in the morning 🙂

…some guys may find her like this in the morning after the night full of sex with her.

My wife took a selfie after fucking with the guy from Holland

My wife took a selfie with the guy from Holland that fucked her with his big cock on the rocks near the beach. The pics of her above I took the day she returned from the vacation. These were the tits that he was licking and enjoying while fucking her from behind.

“I want you to fuck me today” – she said to me while her hand grabbed my cock locked in a chastity cage.

“Really? Why did you change your mind?” – I was very curious.

“I need you to stretch my cunt so it will be ready for Vladislav’s cock. Unfortunately, your cock isn’t as big as his but I have no choice.” – she replied.

“…but I’m so horny, my balls are so full… I will cum after the first two moves… will you be angry with me?” – I said realizing that I won’t be able to satisfy her with my cock after the long period of denial. I know I will cum like a teen sissy boy just after seeing her marvelous, shaved pussy… I used to satisfy her with my tongue so I use my cock on her very rare…

“I like when you cum that quick. It makes me feel that I own you more. And it’s so pathetic how you act after that… Just like the last time, when you cummed in the sheets while licking my cunt. It was so embarrassing.” – my wife said looking in my eyes.

“…I fuck like a sissy…” – I felt so humiliated hearing what she thinks of me.

“Yes, you fuck like a sissy”

“On Monday a real man will fuck you. Vladislav will come here and give you what you need” – I had to face the facts.

“Yes, he will fuck me good” – my wife said and went to have a shower.


Kitty was sitting and doing her nails. We were talking about Vladislav (the guy with the big cock, who she wants to meet). Suddenly she said “I want you to lick my cunt”. We went to the bedroom, and she ordered me to take off her panties with my teeth. Then I started licking her wet cunt. She had a huge and intensive orgasm, and curled on bed to rest. Then I took these photos:



After a while, she lay down on her back and said “put a condom on and prepare me for Vladislav’s cock”.

I have done what she ordered. I put my cock inside her and started to fuck her. I was so turned on and about to cum. I knew that I have to fuck her but also I was aware that she told me that I don’t have the right to cum until she fucks Vladislav. I told her that I’m on the edge and I will cum in the next few moves. I was hoping that she will show some mercy for me and let me empty my balls, but she suddenly slapped me in the face and pushed me away yelling “PULL IT OUT, NOW! I SAID YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO CUM!”. I was so surprised and scared… She stood up and went to the bathroom, leaving me on the bed, pitifully masturbating without even the chance to cum…

Once she came to me and said an interesting fact about the young male model that fucked her (let’s call him X, I wrote about it in this post): “Do you know that X is in the top 10 Polish modeling discoveries? I read about it on the Internet”.

So you know, if I’m writing that “my wife chooses hot guys” now you know how hot they are. Unfortunately, I can’t post his pictures here, even though they are publicly available on the Internet…

Her subconscious chooses the best genes and the best seed, but she’s trying to “cheat” on nature by using the condoms and swallowing the cum. In fact, X could fuck a pretty and healthy baby into my wife 😉

I realized that my wife’s friends totally accepted that she has a cucky husband. They act as my wife was a single woman. They are travelling with her and they want to pick up the guys for sex. They are going out to the clubs and meet other men to talk, dance, kiss and fuck with them. And they all doesn’t bother that Kitty HAS A HUSBAND. 

I wonder what her friends truly think about me? Maybe they think of me as of Kitty’s friend? But it is also possible that they think I’m a pathetic, soft cocked, wimp sissy…

I don’t know why, but the feeling that her friends know that she’s a hotwife, turns me on very much… 

Dear female followers, what would you think of your friend’s husband if you know that she’s a hotwife and “legally” cheats on him and he accepts that? Please comment under this post. Thank you 🙂 

Kitty said that she wants two kind of men to fuck her: one a brutal stallion and the other one a young submissive boy…

She really likes that “sport” 🙂

Still trying to fuck her, but she prefers to chat with the guys on Tinder… If those guys know that she is sexting with them with her husband’s cock inside her cunt… What they would do? LAUGH! It’s a pathetic view, a hubby trying to act like a man but his woman is more interested in conversation with her potential lovers… Cuckold life, hard life…

This is how she is humiliating me… while I was fucking her, she started to chat with some guy on Tinder… It looked like she was bored with me trying to fuck her and her thoughts were by that hot guys that she matched on that app…

Kitty’s chatting with a new guy on Tinder. They want to meet at Friday, so what a good hubby has to do? Go to sleep to a hotel…
Yes, I’m leaving, so she could meet him in our home and fuck in our bed…

My Hotwife during a cold summer at Baltic Sea 🙂

As you may see, the anklet is on 😉

Me and my slutty wife 🙂