Sunday, November 11, 2018

It was evening as usual. I was sitting on the sofa, my wife was next to me. She had uncaged my cock just after she returned from work, so I was feeling very comfortable.
Suddenly she put her foot on my pants, just where my cock was. I have to add that I didn’t cum for more than three weeks, so my balls were full. My cock got hard immediately. She felt that under her foot and smiled. Then she started to press my cuck-clitty with her foot looking straight into my eyes. I felt so good but I started to panic because I knew that I wasn’t going to stand it without cumming. She pressed me harder (it was about fifth or sixth move of her foot on my cock) as I felt that my cock spurted a three-week load right into my pants. She removed her foot and started to laugh.
“Oh, my sissy boy got wet in his pants… What a little pussy of you… You got wet like a teenager … It is so embarrassing… Go and clean yourself.” – my wife said with sarcasm. I knew that cumming without her permission will have its consequences… It all happened two days ago and I’m still waiting for my punishment…

23rd of July 2018 (Monday) 10:51 PM

My wife is on the vacation in Hersonissos (Crete, Greece) – day 6

I asked my wife how big Antoine’s cock was… She replied me with this picture. She asked her friend to take this photo telling her, that she wants to show me that guy’s size. I bet they had laugh on me and how pathetic cuckold I am…

My wife came back home from her last date, during which her coworker fucked her in his car. Right after she entered through the doors, she put her hand under my nose and said:
“Do you smell his cock?”
“Did you touched his cock with this hand?” – I asked.
“A lot, while giving him a blowjob” – she replied and I started licking her hand trying hard not to spurt into my pants…

Some of you may wonder why my wife lets her lovers to treat her like an object? I also take it as something that degrades and disgraces her, but..  she loves it. The more the guy treats her as a fuckmeat the more she likes it.

“I want to fuck so badly!” – my wife said last evening.
“Do you want to fuck with me?” – I asked.
“No, I want to fuck with someone else”
“You like to fuck with others more than with me, don’t you? – I said, but I knew the answer…
"That are different emotions and excitement… so the answer is ‘yes’” – she said.

My wife came from the shop today. I got on my knees and started to take off her shoes as usual. She looked and whistled at me like for a dog. I looked up and she spoke:

“I need to buy you a dog’s collar and leash. You’ll have to wear it whenever I feel like you to do it.”

She likes to treat me as her doggie. Do I like it? It’s not important what I like, but I must say that I love whatever she likes to do with me.

“Are you horny and want to fuck me?” – my wife asked me when we were in the bathroom as she saw the boner in my pants. She was naked after shower and I couldn’t stop staring at her.
“Yes, I dream about it!” – I replied with an enthusiasm and had hope that she will let me make love to her.
“In fact, I doesn’t care” – she said and looked at me with contempt.

“Do you really enjoy to have such a submissive husband? I’m worried that you may be doing something to please me, what you in fact doesn’t like or need” – I texted my wife when she was at work. I was worried that she may want to be with a real man not a sissy.

“Don’t think too much, sweetie, I really enjoy humiliating you every day more and more” – she replied.

“I would love to have a baby with you” – I told my wife.
“…or you would just raise the child that I would have with other man” she replied.

“All I can give to you is my love. Sex isn’t something special  that you would need from me, am I right?” – I asked my wife while cuddling her.
“I love you, but I share my body with many men. You know you’re not the only one for me…” – she replied.
“…and I have rather average skills?” – I was curious.
“Average or below of it” – she smiled and gave me a big hug.

Anyone wants to take a piss on my wife?

She loves to be humiliated and treated like a trash. A strong stream of urine into her face from a dominant, alpha male, would show her where is her place. If that wouldn’t work, just slap her face several times to give her a lesson. She’s a kind of girl who likes to be treated with a strong hand.

What a sissy, wimp and useless beta male a husband is so his own wife refuses him to impregnate her, but meanwhile she cheats on him with the strong, handsome and dominant men? That’s my story.

The most comfortable sex with me for my wife is when she hasn’t to be penetrated by me. It humiliates her that she agrees to open her legs for her pathetic husband. The worst thing that goes to her mind is that the act could end up with impregnation with my bad genetic material.
She gets turned on and willing to fuck in pussy only by the other, hot men. But sometimes when I’m good and deserve an orgasm (which is not so often) she lets me wear a condom and put my weenie in her pussy. When I’m in, she moves her hips so I couldn’t control myself and I cum in about 5-10 seconds. This humiliates me even more if I had to just wank myself in front of her…

“Stop jerking yourself! Do you know how pitiful does it look? You are so pathetic…” – Kitty yelled at me while I was laying on my side of the bed wanking my cock, just after I licked her pussy so she cummed very hard. Then she reminded me that I’m not allowed to cum.

Giving a blowjob is an act of submissiveness, something degrading” – my wife said.
She always ends on her knees before the other men, with their cocks in her mouth. A cumbag, naive cocksucker for them and my precious woman of my life for me.
She knows a woman’s place in the sex and she likes the men who know how to use a woman. By “the sex” she understands the act between her and her bulls, with me it’s more like “masturbating with the husband’s body”.

My wife lets her bulls do everything with her. They humiliate her and use her like bitch, a cumbag… But I can’t… It’s not because that she wouldn’t let me… It’s because I don’t turn her on as a strong, dominant man, with whom she would enjoy that. I tried several times to act as a real man in sex but it ended up as an embarrasing scene. We agreed that dominance is not my strong side and it would be better if I won’t do it anymore.
So I can only imagine and jerk to the thought that my wife finds satisfaction outside our marriage.

We have a plan to go to the swingers club in the next two months. I wonder how it will be and how I will be seen? You know, I won’t be even touching the other women and will be just watching how my wife sucks cocks and fucks. How would act the other men when they will see that I clean her body from their cum? That will be so wonderfully humiliating…

Would you let me suck your cock in front of my wife? To please you before you’ll fuck her? That would be the best act of submission to your authority and supremacy… Then you’ll own my wife. Look at her picture, don’t you want her?

Every time I cum on my wife’s feet, I have to clean them with my tongue. I don’t know which part of it I adore the most 🙂 

I would love to meet with a few men with a foot fetish and let them all cum on my wife’s feet. Then I would lick them clean of their sticky cum, while they all watching and making fun of me… It would depreciate and humiliate me as a man in my wife’s eyes… 

Being a beta male

As her husband I have to accept that she got bored with me. Sex with me is very common and predictable for her. I mostly fuck her in the same way: first I turn to her on our bed, then we kiss, then pussy licking, her orgasm and sometimes some penetration after. Then, if she agrees, I can cum in condom in her pussy or, most times, in her mouth. Every time it looks like that. So you know now why she’s looking for the lovers?
Woman with her temperament needs a variety in sex as an act and being fucked by different partners. I’m her best friend and a loving hubby, but I will never be her sexual fantasy anymore. My time as a lover has gone. She openly tells me that I don’t turn her on. She uses me like a masturbating machine, but as you know, you can’t fall in love in a dildo. I just want to be with her, to adore her and be totally devoted to her. And as for my sex life, be grateful for the times that she agrees I can cum.