I hope my wife’s next intercourse will be with a real man, who will act as one and will put a baby in her. She may be protesting, but it’s for her good, she’s at the right age to become a mother for the first time. If she doesn’t allows me to impregnate her so maybe someone else will be lucky enough to pump his seed deep inside her cervix.

Today, the guy, who kissed my wife on the last business party, asked her for a date. They will meet at the end of the month, after his business travel.

She will tell him, that she cheats on me behind my back. He will also cheat on his young wife.

My wife came back home so excited. I see in her eyes how much she wants him. She talked about him all evening… Now I picture myself him pushing his cock deep inside her, fucking her from behind and emptying his balls in her fertile pussy… I cross my fingers that his condom will slip off and all his potent seed will do its job in her ovulating womb…Maybe he will be the guy she will choose and will tell him to fuck her bare?

It’s only my wife’s decision whose baby she will carry in her tummy…

My wife’s pussy feels so tight, warm and wet… I’m so jealous about the men who dumped their seed in her… Every time she lets me put my cock inside her I think about the other men who were stretching her pussy and were pushing their cocks deep inside her, hearing the music of her moans… It would be so right if one of them would impregnate her… the best one of them all…

Kitty and her pussy 🙂 She loves when men cum looking at her pics. It turns her on knowing that someone has jerked fantasizing about her 🙂

If someone will make my wife pregnant, we won’t need him to pay the child support. If she will agree to keep the baby and birth it, that man’s genetic material will be the best gift we could get. If she would choose to birth the baby it would mean that she found the best biological father.

Just take my wife for a weekend and send her home with her belly full of babies… Make her pregnant and enjoy the thought that her husband will have to raise your child.

Think of it: a procreation is pleasant because the nature wants the animals to do it and have an offspring; a sugar is sweet and we find it pleasant because the nature gives by it a sign that we should eat it because it gives us an energy; we feel pain when we touch the fire because the nature wants to warn us so we don’t get hurt.
And what about cuckolding? Why the thoughts of wife having sex with an another man turns us, the cuckolds, on? Because the nature wants us to raise children that aren’t genetically ours. There’s a lot more men on the Earth that have a bad genes and a little with the best. So, that’s why the nature wants to spread their best genes. They just wouldn’t be able to raise that number of children themselves. That’s why we, the cuckolds, are so important.

The statistics say that one on four men raises not his own child. So, why to be a hypocrite? Let’s face the fact that the spouse doesn’t have to be an ideal partner for impregnation. He can be a great man, funny, the best friend and an excellent provider, but he may have worse genes than the man that his wife is getting wet when she thinks of him. The goal is to have a loving family and healthy, intelligent children. If a husband isn’t lucky to have a good genetic material, it’s rational to ask someone for help.
It’s said, that a parent will do everything for his child. So, maybe it should include the willing to  give the child the chance to be born from the best genetic material that its mother can find?
Be a responsible parent and think what you could do for your child just before it will appear in its mother’s womb.

“How would you react on guy taking off the condom and return to fucking your wife?” – I was asked.

If she would notice that and didn’t stop him, I would stay quiet. It’s her pussy and she knows that I will accept if she would want to have a baby with an another man.

One of the followers asked me:

What do you think may be more humiliating, than making your wife pregnant by  other man?

There’s no such thing… It changes the whole life.  Her bull may beat and fuck me in the ass in front of her, but it all will gone, but the baby will be till the end of our days. 

You may get burnt when you play with the fire, so one day my wife will be impregnated by the other man. She uses no birth control except the condoms. There is a high probability that one man will put it on incorrectly and the condom will break or slip and she won’t notice that at the moment… 

What would you do if you were fucking my wife and she would whisper to your ear “breed me, please… make me a mommy…”? Would you take your condom off and fulfill her wish? 

If yes, what would you feel if you met her in a while and saw that she has a round tummy? How would you find yourself with the fact that your baby will be raised by me and it would call me a “daddy”?

My wife needs a real man to dump his seed into her fertile womb. The man, that knows how to own a female, treat her like his fucktoy and mark her as his own by making her pregnant with a child that she will raise with her wimp husband.

Is there a risk of pregnancy when my wife’s getting one night stands? Yes and it’s quite real. That’s why it’s so hot 🙂

I wonder what thinks a man when he’s fucking someone’s wife, knowing that she’s not on a birth control? He knows that he can inseminate her and that the few seconds of his pleasure will ruin her beautiful body and totally change her and her husband’s life… Does he feel proud?  Does he feel strong? How does his ego feels, when he can do to a woman the thing, that only her husband should do? How does it feel to impregnate a someone’s wife?

Just look at my wife’s belly… I know that one day she will find a guy, for whom she will go crazy… and she let him knock her up… 

I’m a good beta male, a “provider”, but someone else has to impregnate her for us. Some hot, healthy and strong alpha male. The man, who deserves to give her his genes.

I wish my wife will meet a guy with an impregnation fetish and somehow he will manage to knock her up. Maybe a condom will “break” or he will use her bareback when she will be drunk?

I know It’s a sick thinking, but I wait for the day in which, after the months of my cum denial, my wife will tell me that she’s pregnant with the other man and it’s too late to “do something about it”.  The highest level of cuckold humiliation will be reached. A strange alpha male will permanently mark my wife as his and ruins her beautiful body by her giving the birth to his baby. 

I love my wife and I know there’s always a risk, that if we have the hotwife and cuckold lifestyle, the pregnancy may occur. She knows that I will always be there by her side and will always love her and the baby.

I have a strange impregnation fetish. I do not fantasize about me impregnating my wife, but that the other men would do it. I talked about it with her and she accepts that a cucky husband like me can have this kind of fantasies. She also know, that if it will somehow happen, I will always be by her side and love her and the baby.

Sex is just a pretending of nature’s procreation act. Cheating is not all about just pleasure, deep inside her subconscious she wants his baby. It’s just we, people,  as the intelligent creatures, fool ourselves that sex is just for fun. No, it isn’t. Women select the best males for giving them the baby and the other men to raise them. My wife for example, doesn’t want me to penetrate her often, but prefers to give me blowjobs. Her

subconscious stops her to let me put my seed in her. It’s not good enough… But with the newly met guys, she wants to be penetrated every time. She sees in me a good provider but not a stud, the male, which can give her his potent and valuable sperm.  

Pregnancy means that a man owned a woman. He definitely won in the nature’s contest and nothing can change that. He is the best male, the alpha, the one who gave his genes. Woman chooses the right guy to impregnate her very carefully, so if one will knock her up, he should be proud of being the best. 

If you are a submissive cucky, there’s also a chance for you to become a father. Not biological, but does it count? Isn’t a father the one who raises the child? He should be happy that his woman made a wise decision and found the best male to impregnate her and become the biological father. Just throw away the stereotypes, at the end of the day, all that count is a strong and healthy child, no matter if your seed gave it a life.