… that’s what a good cucky husband should do. I’m not an exception.

My wife’s body is so ready for being impregnated. She’s young and healthy, a perfect material to become a mother. She’s not mentally ready for that change in her life but it should happen. Maybe one of her lovers should “help” her by perforating his condom or just force her to take his seed deep inside her fertile womb. She may protest but a strong, dominant man should know how to calm a woman with a several slaps…

I feel so excited when I realize, that every time my wife is fucked by the other guys, she may get pregnant. My wife prefers only condoms, no other birth control…
Every time she fucks I hope that the guy will knock her up. She knows that I dream about it… She has the most pathetic husband the wife can have: a lame lover that won’t be the biological father of the child he will be raising.

I imagine as I watch my wife having an intercourse with an another man, knowing that he takes her bareback and is going to impregnate her, while she really wants it and looks him straight in the eyes… She would whisper to his ear “fill me, fill me with your seed, I chose you to put a baby in me… You’re the best… Give me a part of you that will grow in me… I want to give a birth to your child…”.
I would stay quiet and useless, being only a witness to the most beautiful moments in my wife’s life… The moments that will change everything… Her lover will become a part of our life forever and from that moment he will be more important for my wife as biological, true father of the child of our three.

“How would you react on guy taking off the condom and return to fucking your wife?” – I was asked.

If she would notice that and didn’t stop him, I would stay quiet. It’s her pussy and she knows that I will accept if she would want to have a baby with an another man.

I had a conversation with one of the followers:  

“How do you feel imagining other man making your wife pregnant? He will take not only your wife’s pussy, but her whole self and soul too. He will take your most precious wife!”

That man will take a part of my wife and our marriage forever… Nothing will be the same after that. Making someone’s wife pregnant and leave raising the child to her husband is the worst thing one man can do to the other. Raising not own child is the primal fear for a man. It’s against his nature to invest the effort and resources to support someone’s else child, having not his genes. Procreation is all about to have one’s genes survive and having wife impregnated by an another man is a negation of that. But it is also a part of cuckold’s life and if I’m the one I have to accept my role and the all consequences.

“So you like supporting and nourishing babies with the other genes, don’t you? You like to raise not yours child with your wife?“

I don’t like it and I have no choice. But I’m a cuckold and a masochist and that pushes me in a specific role in a marriage. Being a cuckold isn’t about making choices and doing things that my wife asks me if I agree. I’m her slave, pet, puppy or whatever she calls me. I don’t have my own will, I’m totally devoted to her. My duty is to make her life comfortable, serve her, support her and love her with all my heart. Pregnancy and babies? You should understand, that having such a husband, a woman wouldn’t like to have his baby. Would you want to be impregnated by a pet?

If you ever hear what she thinks of me as a man and a lover, you would know that she has a great heart to be with such a man.That is why, she doesn’t want me to impregnate her… She tells that she’s not ready for the children or she doesn’t want them at all, but I know that she tells that because she is ashamed of herself with the fact that she has chosen a man for her life that is such a sissy and doesn’t want to risk that my genes would have a bad influence to our children.

So the only hope is an another, healthy and masculine man, who will fill her pussy with his sperm and give her a belly full of babies. 

Look how she is bended… she’s so ready for a real bull to penetrate her with his big cock and impregnate her…  

Right now my wife is on a date with a “friendzoned” best friend from her last work. She wants to have sex with him but he is not sure what she wants. I hope he will act like a real man and will be brave enough to end the “friendzone” and start the “friends with benefits” stage 🙂
…and the most beautiful end of today’s evening would be him pumping his baby making juice into my wife… Is it a bad idea for a woman to be impregnated by her best friend and raise the child with her husband?

Just breed her and leave the all it’s consequences to us…

My wife does not agree that I should fertilize her… Maybe I’m not the man good enough to give her a baby or maybe she’s saying the truth that she doesn’t want to be a mother at all? But I know that she may find someone, who will make her go crazy and he will fill her flat tummy with the babies…

Would you lay by her, put her panties aside and make the only right thing that the real man should do to such a woman – spurt his load deep inside her fertile cunt

Fill my wife’s cunt with your big cock and spurt your potent seed into her cervix. Force her to be impregnated with your sperm, do it against her will. Act like an alpha male and don’t listen to her objections and screams. Women are for breeding and childbirth. Please make my wife pregnant, because she doesn’t allows me to knock her up…

My wife needs a real man to dump his seed into her fertile womb. The man, that knows how to own a female, treat her like his fucktoy and mark her as his own by making her pregnant with a child that she will raise with her wimp husband.

Is there a risk of pregnancy when my wife’s getting one night stands? Yes and it’s quite real. That’s why it’s so hot 🙂

I wonder what thinks a man when he’s fucking someone’s wife, knowing that she’s not on a birth control? He knows that he can inseminate her and that the few seconds of his pleasure will ruin her beautiful body and totally change her and her husband’s life… Does he feel proud?  Does he feel strong? How does his ego feels, when he can do to a woman the thing, that only her husband should do? How does it feel to impregnate a someone’s wife?

“Tonight I want a whisky and all it’s consequences. ” – my wife said a few minutes ago. She goes to the club today. She is very easy after drinking whisky and “the consequences”, in her language, means that she will go slutty and will fuck with the strangers. I hope someone will bang her today and spurt his cum deep in her womb, accidentally forgetting to wear a condom…

Just look at my wife’s belly… I know that one day she will find a guy, for whom she will go crazy… and she let him knock her up… 

I’m a good beta male, a “provider”, but someone else has to impregnate her for us. Some hot, healthy and strong alpha male. The man, who deserves to give her his genes.

The hottest words that a cucky husband may hear from his pregnant hotwife are “I don’t know who the father is”.

I wish my wife will meet a guy with an impregnation fetish and somehow he will manage to knock her up. Maybe a condom will “break” or he will use her bareback when she will be drunk?

I know It’s a sick thinking, but I wait for the day in which, after the months of my cum denial, my wife will tell me that she’s pregnant with the other man and it’s too late to “do something about it”.  The highest level of cuckold humiliation will be reached. A strange alpha male will permanently mark my wife as his and ruins her beautiful body by her giving the birth to his baby. 

I love my wife and I know there’s always a risk, that if we have the hotwife and cuckold lifestyle, the pregnancy may occur. She knows that I will always be there by her side and will always love her and the baby.