Friday, November 16, 2018

Two days ago, on Wednesday, November 14th, my wife had a date with a new guy – Mike. He works in the same company as my wife, but in a different department. He knows Peter, my wife’s lover, as they work in the same office, but he doesn’t know that he fucks her. 

They met after work and my wife proposed to meet at the same place she had had her first date with Peter. They talked about work and office gossips, but the conversation didn’t go to sex stuff. Mike had an important meeting that evening so they haven’t much time for themselves. At the end, he told my wife that he would give her a ride home. He called a taxi and they went to our place.

When they arrived, just in front of our house, he said:

“So, here we are… Maybe we will meet again? Would you like to have a drink with me?”

“A whisky would be perfect. We should meet soon” – my wife said.

Then my wife gave him her hand for goodbye. He took it and said:

“Oh, is that the only way you want to say goodbye to a colleague from the office?” – Mike said and pulled her hand and with other hand he grabbed her by neck and deeply tongued her. His right hand went on my wife’s thigh and he touched her from her knee to above. 

After that long kiss, my wife smiled and said:

“It’s a pity that you don’t have time right now, I would invite you upstairs and we could have that drink and ‘a tea’ this evening” – she said the “tea” word with a smile that meant “I would spread my legs for you”.

“Next time for sure, I can’t wait to have ‘a tea’ with you” – Mike said with a dirty smile on his face.

The first thing my wife said to me after I opened the door was:

“That bastard tongued me! He took your wife like his own thing and kissed! …I loved that! “ – she said so excited, smiling all around. 

PS. I hope you like the photo in this post. I took this picture of my wife at one of our photo sessions 🙂

2018.03.25 1.34 AM
Kitty was in the club tonight.
Half hour ago I got a message form her:

“I kissed with one guy, but somewhere in the club was his girlfriend, so nothing more happened!!!! He told me that I am beautiful and he could fuck me all night long 😉 Considering that nothing serious happened, I will let you cum only when I will do something more next time!!! Love you :* PS. He was groping my ass while kissing me”.

So my wife was kissing with some guy, whose girlfriend was around. If she wasn’t there, my wife would probably be choking with his cock in the toilet.

…but that guy didn’t cummed, so I also have no right to ejaculate…

Kissing with the lovers

Kissing – I think I’m jealous about that even more than for fucking…  My wife loves kissing deeply with her lovers… She told me that when the last two guys were fucking her from behind on the beach by the rocks, she was often turning and kissing with them deeply. They were good kissers and that made my wife even more turned on and wanting to be owned by them…

Look at her lips on these pics… Just imagine how much cocks did they blew and how many men have kissed them…Just “like” when you would kiss her and/or reblog if you would put in them your cock.

Do the whores kiss the clients?

One of the things that I’m the most jealous when my wife is cheating on me with the other men is kissing… Even prostitutes don’t kiss their clients, but my whore wife loves to kiss and does it deeply and with passion with all the men who fuck her…
She’s a perfect kisser and one, who may see her kissing a guy, may think that she is kissing the love of her life… So much tenderness, lust and passion…
Fuck, I’m so jealous about it!