Tuesday, November 27, 2018

My wife had a date with Peter yesterday. It was a true, classic date with a supper in a restaurant. Peter did what a man, who is in love in a woman, should do… and he did it perfectly. 

My wife was so amused and happy. As my wife said after “I was so excited about the date to come, that my pussy was dripping wet all day. It was so wet that I had to put a paper towel inside my panties”. 

I am so grateful to Peter that he gave my wife what she needed: a beautiful date with the feeling of love in the air.

Peter took my wife from work by car. They stopped by the restaurant and before leaving the car, he grabbed my wife’s neck and started to kiss her deep. She gave in to him and spread her legs. He started to rub her pussy through her pants but his hand found a way under them. He gently slid his finger into her wet pussy and played with it for a while… They didn’t care about the people passing by, who could see them…

They spent the rest of the evening in the restaurant, talking and laughing. My wife said that it was a charming date and she had a great time with Peter. She also said to me, that she really liked him.

Peter said that his wife is suspecting that he has an affair…

At the end of the evening, my wife asked him what were they going to do next?

“What do you mean?” – Peter asked.

“You know me and you should know what I mean, after all the times you fucked me. Shall we go to have sex now?” – my wife replied.

“I didn’t expect that you would want to have sex with me after that long time of not seeing each other”

“Peter, I’m not a woman that needs to be adored in order to have sex with her. Men just take and fuck me. Last time on the vacation, a guy fucked me in a club’s toilet after four minutes since he had met me for the first time. So don’t be silly, I’m an easy girl and I spread my legs on demand.”

“But I didn’t book a hotel room…” – Peter was confused.

“That’s not a problem, I will call my husband to leave the house and wait in our car. You can always come to me, whenever you want and I will tell my husband to go and wait outside”

“He would wait outside? Is it so that he can return quickly?”

“No… He wouldn’t return without my call.” – my wife reassured Peter.

…but then Peter’s wife started to call him… His smartphone was ringing all the time. He had to answer. She was mad at him and knew that she is on a meeting with a woman. She ordered him to return home. 

Peter drove my wife home and didn’t go upstairs even for a quick blowjob. He was so scared about what was going to happen at his home when he returns…

Before sleep, my wife said to me: 

“You can’t imagine how those married guys turn me on. I am so horny thinking that they have wives and children.. It makes me so wet and I want to fuck with them even more”

I made this photo yesterday in the morning. My wife wanted to show me her new Victoria’s Secret panties which she had bought for yesterday’s date with Peter. So sad that he didn’t seen them…

“I was in a tender and cuddling mood. I wanted to make love, not just having sex… Peter gave me that all. He’s a very good lover.” – my wife said yesterday about her last meeting with Peter. I feel like Peter stole from me the only thing that my wife liked in our marriage sex – a sensitive and tender intercourses. When she’s talking what they do, she calls it “making love”… Now there’s nothing more I can offer my wife regarding sex… Peter took my place in my wife’s mind. 

Now I’m more a friend to my wife and Peter is the one, with whom my wife will be making love… This was to be expected… 

For me, the most important thing is to make her happy.

Peter, my wife’s regular lover, called her today to confirm tomorrow meeting with her. He told her that her will be at our home at 8:00 PM CET. 

As you know, I’m away from home until Friday. This will be his first visit at our home. My wife is so excited, she wants to put a sexy lingerie and high heels for him. She will also prepare her ass so he could fuck her anally. She wants to ensure him, that she is HIS lover. 

I begged her today, if she could verbalize to him, that “she is his lover” and that’s not just occasional fucking. She wants to talk with him before and then begin the action. If Peter will feel comfortable in our home, he will fuck her regularly, once or twice a week in our marital bed.

I wonder what kind of sex my wife will have tomorrow: if it will be a hard, rough sex or a love making? I hope that it will be the second option.

“Soon he will be making love to you” – I said to my wife, hugging her on the bed.
“It will be rather plowing of my cunt until it will be totally sore! He will be fucking me and slapping me like the whore I am. There won’t be even a grain of delicacy! Don’t be silly, it will be our first time! It just can’t be only “a making love”“ – she replied, laughing at me.

“I hope that Vladislav will know how to make me hot” – my wife said, when we were talking about her date with her new lover.
“Do I make you hot?” – I asked.
Her reply was short and predictable: “No.”