Brand new webpage :)

We did it 🙂 After Tumblr told us (and thousands of NSFW bloggers) to get the f..k out, we were confused about what to do next? On Tumblr we had many of followers, some of them became a good internet friends of us… and suddenly it ended…

After a research we created pages on MeWe and Twitter but we had a big archive of posts and pictures we wanted to show. The other thought was if MeWe one day will ban nsfw content, then should we start again? So we decided to run our own website. All new content will go there and will be promoted on MeWe and Twitter. That will keep it safe from the risk of policy changes on those social platforms. It lasted a month but we did it and the website is available 🙂

On our new website you’ll find ALL blog posts from our Tumblr with all the pictures (divided into two main categories: photo shoots and daily photos).

Please comment the pictures and the posts. That gives us motivation to post new content 🙂

Thank you for being with us 🙂