Thursday, November 22, 2018

Peter asked my wife out on a date next Monday (26th of November 2018). They will have a couple of drinks and after that they will go to our place to have sex (in our marital bed of course).

“I forgot that I will have ovulation on Monday!” – my wife told me.

“So what? Just tell Peter that you have ovulation and he has to finish in your mouth or on face” – I said.

“It would scare the shit out of him… But I’ll tell him not to worry, because if the condom brakes or he cums bareback inside me, you will raise the child.” – my wife said to me and went to the bathroom.

“You know I will…” – I told her.

“Yes, I know.” – she smiled, gave me a kiss and closed the door.

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Considering the institution of marriage, a marital fidelity and having an offspring are two of the most important things. Most of people can’t understand our marriage, especially the facts that my wife isn’t faithful to me and that I accept and enjoy the fact that I am going to raise another man’s child if she decides to get pregnant.
Maybe that’s why we are such a good couple, a strong, dominant woman and a submissive, beta man. It would be difficult for her to have a dominant, alpha male as a husband and to live with him under the same roof. In our relationship she can cuddle with me and have her sexual needs fulfilled with other men. That works the best, especially when you consider that the beta husband doesn’t have to be the one who will impregnate her to be a biological father for the child.

I know, from the messages you guys are sending, that you wait for the moment my wife will be pregnant. I really do too and can’t wait the day, that she will tell me, she is going to have a baby.
Now, she wants to have fun and fuck as much as she can, so she’s not on hurry to get pregnant. But the symptoms that “the time is comming” are quite obvious. She wants to have a dog, to take care of it and it’s not like “it would be great to have a dog” but I see it as a outcome for her increased motherhood feelings. So I think it will happen soon that she will let someone to put a baby in her. It is very probable (I’m rather sure about it) that I won’t be the biological father of the child. She loves me as a friend and a life partner, but I’m not a good choice for a woman, to give her my genes.
She also likes the idea that we will have a child that won’t be biologically mine. She uses to say very often that I’ll be a good father to the child, that she will have with another man. I’m more than ok with that and really wait for that great day, in which she will tell me that someone she chosen, gave her a child.

“Will you go bareback with your lover when you’ll meet next week?” – I asked my wife.
“Sure. Would you like me to do it with him without a condom?” – she asked.
“You know that I would. I hope he will put a baby in you” – I honestly replied. She smiled and went to the bathroom.

You may think that something is wrong with me, that I want my wife to be impregnated by another man. Yes, there is. I’m a cuckold and it’s my deep need. My wife is a superb woman and if she decides to have a baby, she should be fertalized by the best male she knows. I don’t consider myself good enough to impregnate her but I know that I’ll be a perfect father. I also accept the “side effects” of that. That guy will inseminate my wife by filling her womb with his potent sperm and by this act, he will mark his territory and claim her as his. That will stay in my mind forever.

If it turns out that my wife is pregnant, it would be difficult to determine whose child it is. But is that really a problem to care about? She asked me if I would want to do a paternity test? I said “no, I wouldn’t want to”. 

“Oh, my love, you would raise every child I would be pregnant with, no matter who would give it to me, wouldn’t you?” – she whispered to my ear.

“Of course, my love” – I replied and kissed her in her cheek.

My wife met with her old friend, a married woman too. As all of her friends know that my wife is cheating on me, that applies to her too.

My wife was feeling that day a little bit bad, she hadn’t a taste for alcohol, but had a taste for different foods. She also was feeling that she might throw up. Her friend asked her if she is pregnant? My wife said that’s rather not possible, because since two weeks two of her lovers finished in her mouth (or face) and the third cummed in her pussy, but he wore a condom and she had an infertile days. Her friend said, that everything is possible and what would she do, if it appeard that one of that guys had fertilized her?

I will not determine the paternity of the child I’m pregnant with. We will consider it as my husband’s” – my wife replied.

My wife’s pussy feels so tight, warm and wet… I’m so jealous about the men who dumped their seed in her… Every time she lets me put my cock inside her I think about the other men who were stretching her pussy and were pushing their cocks deep inside her, hearing the music of her moans… It would be so right if one of them would impregnate her… the best one of them all…

“I’m pregnant with him …” – I am waiting for the moment to hear that confession from my wife…

The statistics say that one on four men raises not his own child. So, why to be a hypocrite? Let’s face the fact that the spouse doesn’t have to be an ideal partner for impregnation. He can be a great man, funny, the best friend and an excellent provider, but he may have worse genes than the man that his wife is getting wet when she thinks of him. The goal is to have a loving family and healthy, intelligent children. If a husband isn’t lucky to have a good genetic material, it’s rational to ask someone for help.
It’s said, that a parent will do everything for his child. So, maybe it should include the willing to  give the child the chance to be born from the best genetic material that its mother can find?
Be a responsible parent and think what you could do for your child just before it will appear in its mother’s womb.

I had a conversation with one of the followers:  

“How do you feel imagining other man making your wife pregnant? He will take not only your wife’s pussy, but her whole self and soul too. He will take your most precious wife!”

That man will take a part of my wife and our marriage forever… Nothing will be the same after that. Making someone’s wife pregnant and leave raising the child to her husband is the worst thing one man can do to the other. Raising not own child is the primal fear for a man. It’s against his nature to invest the effort and resources to support someone’s else child, having not his genes. Procreation is all about to have one’s genes survive and having wife impregnated by an another man is a negation of that. But it is also a part of cuckold’s life and if I’m the one I have to accept my role and the all consequences.

“So you like supporting and nourishing babies with the other genes, don’t you? You like to raise not yours child with your wife?“

I don’t like it and I have no choice. But I’m a cuckold and a masochist and that pushes me in a specific role in a marriage. Being a cuckold isn’t about making choices and doing things that my wife asks me if I agree. I’m her slave, pet, puppy or whatever she calls me. I don’t have my own will, I’m totally devoted to her. My duty is to make her life comfortable, serve her, support her and love her with all my heart. Pregnancy and babies? You should understand, that having such a husband, a woman wouldn’t like to have his baby. Would you want to be impregnated by a pet?

One of the followers asked me:

What do you think may be more humiliating, than making your wife pregnant by  other man?

There’s no such thing… It changes the whole life.  Her bull may beat and fuck me in the ass in front of her, but it all will gone, but the baby will be till the end of our days. 

You may get burnt when you play with the fire, so one day my wife will be impregnated by the other man. She uses no birth control except the condoms. There is a high probability that one man will put it on incorrectly and the condom will break or slip and she won’t notice that at the moment… 

Today my wife’s going to the club. I kissed her deep and said:
“My Love, don’t get upset at me, but I wish you tonight, that your lover’s condom breaks and he will make you pregnant…”
“And you’ll take care of the child” – she replied and gave me a kiss.
I love the risk of her being impregnated when she’s cheating on me…

Just look at my wife’s belly… I know that one day she will find a guy, for whom she will go crazy… and she let him knock her up… 

I’m a good beta male, a “provider”, but someone else has to impregnate her for us. Some hot, healthy and strong alpha male. The man, who deserves to give her his genes.

The hottest words that a cucky husband may hear from his pregnant hotwife are “I don’t know who the father is”.

My wife’s belly looks so flat… I think one of the guys who fuck her should change that. That will stop her of being a whore for a while.

My wife knows that I fantasize about a strange guy would impregnate her. She sometimes talk about it with me to turn me on. We are so sick 😉

After a month od denial of sex and cumming, while my wife would be fucking with other guys, I would love to hear from her “I need to do the pregnancy test, I think someone has knocked me up”. I think it’s one of the hottest things a cuckold can hear from his hotwife.

Hotwife’s pregnancy risk vs condom

I just loved the time, when my wife was on pill and I was able to cum deep in her pussy. Now, she doesn’t use any birth control except condoms.
I must say that it turns me on very much knowing that she fucks with the guys while being fertile. Condoms aren’t perfect and can break. The thought that a hot stranger may knock her up by accident, makes my cock so hard. I even wish it would happen 😉
If she needs to cheat on me and chooses the hottest guys, so nature made it for a reason, don’t you think?

If you let your wife cheat on you, someone may knock her up…

“If you play with fire you’re gonna get burned” – if you let your wife cheat on you, someone may knock her up…
Yes, I consider and agree to the risk that my wife may be impregnated accidentally by the other men. I’m the cucky husband which knows his role in the marriage.