23rd of July 2018 (Monday) 3:12 PM

My wife is on the vacation in Hersonissos (Crete, Greece) – day 6

That’s for you dear followers, Kitty wants to show you how the Sun cherish her beautiful feet 🙂 

I was talking with her 30 minutes ago and she told me that the thought, that you follow her holiday’s activities, makes her pussy very wet 🙂 

She reads your comments, so write what you think about her 🙂

“A warm dildo” – an adjective my wife used last time to describe me as her lover… She says it openly, that she finds sex that satisfies her only with other men. It was hard for me to accept that on the beginning, but we talked honestly and she said that she loves me and she likes to cuddle with me or when I lick her pussy, but I have a submissive nature, so I’m not able to fuck her as hard as she would like it and to dominate her. Let face the truth, how my wife can see a man in me if she calls me “a doggie”?

Sometimes, when I look at my wife’s sexy feet, I want to take a belt or a lash and smack them really hard… until the bloody marks will show up… I want to hear her scream in pain as I destroy her beautiful soles… But, there’s one thing that turns me on more than this… one of her lovers could do that… leaving her with the sore feet for me to take care of her…

– “Will you be mad at me if I fuck with him?” – my wife asked me today about the guy, with whom she is going on a date next week.

– “How could I? I love when you cheat on me! Do you want to have sex with him?”

– “Yes, I want to” – she replied. 

The guy will have a lot of fun fucking my wife… 

You don’t have to be gentle when you fuck someone’s else wife. It also applies to fucking my wife.

Do you want your cock, crotch, balls and asshole to be licked good? My wife is the best choice for that 🙂 She’s experienced and totally submissive when fucking with other men than me. She wants to be used like a whore, to feel your strength and power over her. 

I’m so jealous of the men who fuck her… I will never have her the way they do…

‎The most painful thing when a woman cheats is that, when she is fucked by her lover she doesn’t think about her husband.

It’s a next stage in a sexual life of a husband, when his wife begins to call his penis “a weenie” instead of “a cock”. I’m in that stage.

After one of the weekends, when I came home, she told me: 

“I wonder what to do: to give you a blowjob or to let you cum in my pussy? I’m not sure if your sperm will taste good after that, what you have been eating during the weekend”. 

The story ends with that she didn’t do any of those things and denied me to cum for ten days…

“Only real men can fuck me, and puppies like you are are only for pussy licking” – my wife told me. I agree and I know my place. I’m trying to be the best pussy licker, the best puppy she ever had. 

My job is to lick my lady’s pussy, stay hard and don’t cum. A sex, in which a man is not allowed to cum, is the purest act of pleasing woman, focusing only on her needs. It’s also a perfect way of using a sissy husband. He can’t give his wife a thrill of being owned by a dominant man but he is for her a good alternative for masturbation and for him it’s the ability to physically worship his lady.

I’m so curious how does it feel to stab a woman’s cervix with the tip of my cock? I will never know, my dick is too short and, what’s more important, I will never fuck any other woman than my wife. But there’s a way to fulfill my curiosity – my wife can tell me how does a woman feels that 🙂  There were a a lot of her lovers, who had cock big enough to stick it deep in her womb to reach the cervix.

Pregnancy means that a man owned a woman. He definitely won in the nature’s contest and nothing can change that. He is the best male, the alpha, the one who gave his genes. Woman chooses the right guy to impregnate her very carefully, so if one will knock her up, he should be proud of being the best. 

If you are a submissive cucky, there’s also a chance for you to become a father. Not biological, but does it count? Isn’t a father the one who raises the child? He should be happy that his woman made a wise decision and found the best male to impregnate her and become the biological father. Just throw away the stereotypes, at the end of the day, all that count is a strong and healthy child, no matter if your seed gave it a life.

Ade the Superbully is back!

Do you remember the story about the Superbully from this post? His name was Ade. Kitty has paired with him on Tinder last week!

She wants to have a date with him. 

“I will remind him what was between us” – she told me – “and I will spend a whole night with him. She will be fucking me several times”.

Yes, she needs a hot guy to fuck her good and give her what she doesn’t finds at home.

I love when she lets me jerk off on her feet and then orders me to clean her feet from my cum with tongue.

This pic is from our last trip to Lithuania. We arrived to the hotel, exhausted but excited. Kitty couldn’t stop thinking of the two guys who fucked her so good (especially the guy from Germany), so she was telling me about them the whole evening…  

If my wife is dominating over me and she likes to be dominated and humiliated by her lovers, so what does it makes me? A faggot? Wimp cucky? Is there a word which describes that?

…just peeping at Kitty’s feet while going by Taxi to the restaurant and then under the table.

The feet in the morning…

I love to wake up earlier than her and watch her beautiful body. This pic I took exactly in that moment.

Rick’s big cock penetrated my wife

Rick, the guy from Holland, stretched out my wife’s cunt with his huge cock. She called me just after he fucked her. I asked her, if he had bigger cock – “Yes” – she said – “he’s much bigger than you”.

Her cunt needed to be filled, and Rick did it. He penetrated my wife the way I will never be able to with my own cock…