There’s a lot of that pics in my wife’s phone. I know that she likes to do selfies, but the ones with naked titts are suspicious. Whom has she send them?

My whore wife’s phone is full of her naked selfies. I wonder who gets them and jerks off looking at her sexy body? Write me a PM if you are one of the guys which she was flirting with and send you one of those pics. Maybe you recognize one of those pics?
She’s such a slut.

An another selfie found on my wife’s phone. I wonder how many men recieved it from her 😉

More of selfies found in my wife’s phone. She agreed that I can post it here. I still don’t know for whom she made them…

I found these selfies on my wife’s phone. She allowed me to copy them. They weren’t made for me… 

I’ll post some more pics from her phone this week. 

And it happened… Simon was late. When he walked through the door they started to kiss. No smalltalk, no “would you like something to drink”, just the action. They went to our bedroom and my wife undressed. So did he.
My wife laid on the back and he started to lick her tits and then the cunt. He put his fingers in and was licking like… “It was embarassing” my wife concluded that to me. He doesn’t knew what to do… So Kitty took his cock in her mouth and started to suck. He had small and thin dick. After a few moves in my wife’s mouth he came surprisingly on her face. Then he started to apologize. “You are the best girl I ever had” he said.
My wife didn’t knew if to laugh or to be angry… She said that he has to leave.
She took the photos of her just after he left, so I share them with you in this post.
Another fail with a young bully… Maybe she has to fuck older guys?