Tuesday, November 27, 2018

My wife had a date with Peter yesterday. It was a true, classic date with a supper in a restaurant. Peter did what a man, who is in love in a woman, should do… and he did it perfectly. 

My wife was so amused and happy. As my wife said after “I was so excited about the date to come, that my pussy was dripping wet all day. It was so wet that I had to put a paper towel inside my panties”. 

I am so grateful to Peter that he gave my wife what she needed: a beautiful date with the feeling of love in the air.

Peter took my wife from work by car. They stopped by the restaurant and before leaving the car, he grabbed my wife’s neck and started to kiss her deep. She gave in to him and spread her legs. He started to rub her pussy through her pants but his hand found a way under them. He gently slid his finger into her wet pussy and played with it for a while… They didn’t care about the people passing by, who could see them…

They spent the rest of the evening in the restaurant, talking and laughing. My wife said that it was a charming date and she had a great time with Peter. She also said to me, that she really liked him.

Peter said that his wife is suspecting that he has an affair…

At the end of the evening, my wife asked him what were they going to do next?

“What do you mean?” – Peter asked.

“You know me and you should know what I mean, after all the times you fucked me. Shall we go to have sex now?” – my wife replied.

“I didn’t expect that you would want to have sex with me after that long time of not seeing each other”

“Peter, I’m not a woman that needs to be adored in order to have sex with her. Men just take and fuck me. Last time on the vacation, a guy fucked me in a club’s toilet after four minutes since he had met me for the first time. So don’t be silly, I’m an easy girl and I spread my legs on demand.”

“But I didn’t book a hotel room…” – Peter was confused.

“That’s not a problem, I will call my husband to leave the house and wait in our car. You can always come to me, whenever you want and I will tell my husband to go and wait outside”

“He would wait outside? Is it so that he can return quickly?”

“No… He wouldn’t return without my call.” – my wife reassured Peter.

…but then Peter’s wife started to call him… His smartphone was ringing all the time. He had to answer. She was mad at him and knew that she is on a meeting with a woman. She ordered him to return home. 

Peter drove my wife home and didn’t go upstairs even for a quick blowjob. He was so scared about what was going to happen at his home when he returns…

Before sleep, my wife said to me: 

“You can’t imagine how those married guys turn me on. I am so horny thinking that they have wives and children.. It makes me so wet and I want to fuck with them even more”

I made this photo yesterday in the morning. My wife wanted to show me her new Victoria’s Secret panties which she had bought for yesterday’s date with Peter. So sad that he didn’t seen them…

Peter is going to fuck my wife today

03-07-2018 6:52 PM CET

My wife is preparing right now to Peter’s visit. She’s taking a shower andshe has to do an enema, because she wants him to fuck her in the ass today. She will call me 15 minutes before he comes to our house. I’ll be sending updates 🙂

03-07-2018 7:08 PM CET UPDATE

Peter called my wife just a moment ago and said that he has to stay with his child today… They postponed the fucking on Thursday. My wife is angry on him and disappointed.

Today my wife phoned her lover, Peter. She asked him to fuck her on next Tuesday (3rd of July 2018). I’m away from home and I come back on 7th of July.
I talked with her two hours ago and she told me everything they spoke. At the beginning of the conversation he was a bit nervous and said that he thought that she was angry on him. My wife said that isn’t true and the rest of conversation went as follows:
My wife (MW): “Do you want to meet with me in Tuesday?”

Peter (P): “Yes, very much. I’ll pick you up after work”

MW: “OK, but we will go to my place”

P: “I don’t know, I don’t feel comfortable that it’s going to happen in your house.”

MW: “I don’t want to be fucked in your car anymore, it was fun and spontaneous the first time, but I have a place for meetings.”

P: “But, you know, it’s your house, it’s not right…”

MW: “Is it alright that you fuck me? It doesn’t matter where it happens. What matters is that you fuck me. Do you really think that fucking me is ‘more okay’ in your car than in my house?”

P: “OK, maybe you’re right, but what with your husband?”

MW: “He’s not a problem, I told you that. He knows, that he’s not allowed to come back home until I phone and let him return. By the way, he is away from home for two weeks, so he’s not a problem for us.”

P: “Alright, I think it’s a good idea and I have to get used to that we will be meeting at your home”.

At the end of our conversation I asked my wife: “Do you lust for him?”
“Yes, I’m very horny and I really want him” – she said.
“If I was around, would you choose me or him?” – I asked.
“I want something new, so I would choose him”.

That’s a cuckold’s life, I don’t blame my wife, that I got bored to her. There are men around her that are taking my place in her sexual life. That’s good.

My wife was fucked  last Friday, 18th of May

Her coworker was fucking her from 5:00 PM until 6:12 PM in his car. I post here the pics that I took her just after she came home from the date. She lays in exactly the same position as he was fucking her 🙂 Look at the swollen cunt of her, just after being fucked hard by her lover…

But let’s start from the beginning:

He arrived at my wife’s office at 4:40 PM. My wife got into his car and they greeted each other by a kiss in the cheek.

“I’m so sorry to say that, but I don’t have much time today. I wanted to see you very much. I don’t know what we can do, so I thought that we could take a walk together” – he said.

He drove her to a nearby park by a little lake (it was the same place like last time). At 5:00 PM they were on place.

“So… maybe we will take a walk?” – he proposed, but my wife showed him her high heels and said “Really?? You want me to take a walk with you in that shoes? I don’t want to walk.”

“…I feel so good with you, because you have so open approach to ‘that things’ ” – he said.

“OK, let me said it straight: don’t use the words like ‘that things’ or ‘let’s take a walk’ with me. If you want to fuck me, just call me and say that you want to fuck me. It will be easier. I can’t stand that you are so stressed. And by the way, my husband asked me to thank you for the good fucking you gave me last time.” – my wife said.

“Did you really told to you husband that we were fucking? He really knows about it?” – he was shocked. “I haven’t lied when I told you that” – my wife replied.

They started to kiss and he was touching her leg. Then they moved to backseat.He quickly pulled off my wife’s pants and started to lick her pussy. It was a long licking but my wife didn’t cummed. After a while she pushed him off, pulled down his pants and started doing him a blowjob. He wasn’t rock hard…

My wife was sucking his cock very long. She was licking his balls and suddenly she jumped on him and put his cock inside her pussy without condom.

He was shocked.

“Oh my! Oh my!” – he said thrilled – “are you on pill?”

“No, I’m not” – my wife said. It were her fertile days – “Don’t cum too early! Isn’t it great to feel a pussy without a condom from time to time?”

“Yes, I love it, but it turns me on so much that I can cum in three minutes or even faster!” – he replied.

My wife pulled his cock and started to suck it. After a moment he pulled her head and kissed her deeply. Then he took a condom and put it on his cock. He did it incorrectly and the condom broke (the condom on the picture is that broken one – my wife took it and hid in her bag for me).

He had only one condom, so my wife gave him one of hers. “I’m always prepared” – my wife proudly said.

She lay on her back and he started to fuck her. My wife cummed in short time, but it wasn’t an intensive orgasm 🙁

He pulled off the condom and my wife started to suck his cock once more. He cummed in my wife’s mouth. She swallowed it all. His sperm was a little bit sour that day. He started to apologise that he spurted into my wife’s mouth.

“Listen, I know what may happed when I give a blowjob. And have to tell you something: I LIKE IT. I love to swallow cum” – my wife said to him.

As it appeared, my wife was the first woman in his life, who swallowed his cum 🙂

My wife is fucking right now

Friday, May 18, 5:10 PM CET

A colleague from my wife’s work is fucking her right now in his car in the woods.

Thursday, May 17

Tomorrow my wife has a sex date with her coworker (the one who fucked her in his car). He is going to pick her up at 4:30 PM CET from her office. He told her that he managed a place for meeting.
I asked my wife if she could do him a hairjob and let him cum on her hair. She agreed 🙂 She will have to go back home with his cum in her hair and every met neighbor will see and smell that (especially in our elevator).
She also is going to let him fuck her bareback a little bit. She wants to leave her scent on him so that his wife may smell that he cheated on her.

Tuesday, May 8

Do you remember the posts about my wife’s first date with the consultant, who’s doing some legal stuff at her work? I wrote about it in this post and this one

Today he called my wife when she was at work and proposed her a meeting on Thursday. He insisted that it has to be after work hours 🙂 My wife agreed and they will have a second date. She wants to end it with him inside her 🙂

FINAL UPDATE: My wife is on a date right now

April 19, 2018 9:00 PM CET

They did it. My wife’s coworker asked my wife for a date and it ended with fucking.

My wife came home at 8:55 PM CET. We sat and I opened a wine. Then she told me all in details…

They met in the city center and went to a café. They talked for more that hour about work and stuff. Then my wife asked him about the walk he offered her. He said that is a good idea, so they went to his car and rode to a big park at the suburbs.

When they arrived, he told her about their first kiss at the business party. She told him that she enjoyed it very much. He was unsure but she confirmed. He said that he was thinking a lot about her and started to kiss her. He was touching her legs and then she put her hand on his cock (without pulling it out of his pants) and she was rubbing it. He put his hand in her panties and started to touch her pussy through her thongs, but after a while he put fingers in her pussy.

They paused and he proposed them to go to the backseat. The kissing started again and he unzipped her pants. She helped him to pull them down and she also took off her shoes and then her panties. 

He started to lick her pussy. He was doing it good and when my wife was edging he stopped and denied her to cum. My wife took his cock and started to do him a blowjob. She was licking his cock and balls. He said that it’s his first blowjob for the two years and his wife stopped doing it to him when she gave birth to their child. He also added that my wife is doing it perfectly and she is really skilled.
He took his condom of the wallet, but he said it was there for one year and he don’t trust it. So, my wife said that she’s always prepared and gave him her condom. He put it on and started to fuck her. She was laying on her back with legs spread out. He fucked her gently but good. She told me that he acted very masculine and he was really trying to satisfy her.

…and she climaxed. She told me that it was the most intensive orgasm since a half a year…She felt how her legs are getting numb from thighs to toes… It was like putting teeth into a fucking transatlantic, submarine power cable! She told me that I can’t compare myself to that what that guy gave her…

After her orgasm he paused a bit and then when she recovered, she started to move her hips rhythmically and he cummed hard in her…

When he was driving her home, he asked her to be discreet about what happened. She told him that it will stay between her, him and her husband 🙂

She also told him that they can meet for sex when they will like to.

April 12 at 6 PM my wife is going to have a first date with the consultant she met three weeks ago. He invited her for a coffee, but she has no idea how it will end. One option is that it will be only a coffee and next time they will have a date with drinks and sex. Second option is that this guy may be so self confident that he will propose her sex on the first date (for what my wife hopes for!).

Today the whole evening she was telling me about that guy, how hot he is and how she wants him to fuck her (she wants him to push hard her head down the bed and fuck her from behind). I told her that I can fuck her like that, but she said: “You are my hubby, you’ll never be able to fuck me that hard”

Today, the guy, who kissed my wife on the last business party, asked her for a date. They will meet at the end of the month, after his business travel.

She will tell him, that she cheats on me behind my back. He will also cheat on his young wife.

My wife came back home so excited. I see in her eyes how much she wants him. She talked about him all evening… Now I picture myself him pushing his cock deep inside her, fucking her from behind and emptying his balls in her fertile pussy… I cross my fingers that his condom will slip off and all his potent seed will do its job in her ovulating womb…Maybe he will be the guy she will choose and will tell him to fuck her bare?

It’s only my wife’s decision whose baby she will carry in her tummy…

Vladislav confirmed to my wife that he’ll come to fuck her tomorrow at 9pm. Now my wife is in the other room talking about it with her friend. I hear as she laugh telling her about him.
I had my cock caged and I’m starting to clean our apartment for her tomorrow’s guest. I have to change the sheets on bed, so Vlad could feel comfortable fucking my wife in our marital bed.
Tomorrow I’ll leave home and will be waiting in our car. My wife knows that she doesn’t have to care about me and can stay with Vlad until the morning. I will wait for her permission to come back home…

Kitty’s chatting with a new guy on Tinder. They want to meet at Friday, so what a good hubby has to do? Go to sleep to a hotel…
Yes, I’m leaving, so she could meet him in our home and fuck in our bed…

In 1h my wife will be banged

At 8PM a guy from Tinder named Simon will arrive to our home and is going to fuck my wife. I’m on a little trip, so they will be alone. I called her and asked to keep for me his used condoms…

My wife is very active on Tinder. There are some attractive, young men in our area, but they seem to be pussies as fuck. On the picture the guy looks like confident and dominant man, but when he starts chatting he becomes a pussy that doesn’t knows what he wants and is unable to ask a direct question to a woman: “do you like to fuck with me?”.
For fuck’s sake, Tinder is for fucking not making friends or seeking the love of you life! If a girl is using this app, go ahead and ask her to fuck and stop chatting about fucking weather!
My wife wants a tasty cock for weekend. Her cunt is ready to be fucked hard, but the guys on Tinder are afraid to ask her for a date instead writing about bullshit.
Yesterday, my wife got angry on one of them and wrote: “OK, as you know, I’m a woman, who knows what she wants, so I ask you directly: do you want to fuck me or not?”. The guy still doesn’t answered. Hot slut is spreading her legs and he can’t decide what to do…
My wife said more than a week ago, that I have a ban for cumming until she fucks somebody. I’m so frustrated, horny and my balls are blue, so I pray that some guy would fuck the shit out of my wife so I will have a permission from her to cum. Maybe she even will let me use her pussy…
So, go ahead, alpha males, fuck her and give me a chance to empty my balls too!

We went sleep to the bed but I caught my wife using Tinder. She was laying in our marital bed, with her husband by side and flirting with other guys… She knows perfectly how to humiliate me…

I’m out of home for this weekend and she stayed alone. Yesterday, she texted me before sleep, that she is chatting with a 17yo boy from Tinder. Today we talked and she is so turned on. From the distance away I’m from her, I almost feel how horny she is and how she craves for this young kid’s cock… She told me that she will text him today and maybe go with him on a date… A date with the kid younger than her by 9 years and from me by 21years… He will fuck my wife and treat her as his whore… That could be the night of his life!

How she will even look at my mature body and the old cock after having such young and handsome lovers?

In 6 hours my wife is going on a date. They will have a drink and then are going to a hotel. A strange, young guy will be fucking my wife… I’m so jealous, scared and excited in one moment.
She ends work in 3 hours and is going home to start preparing herself.
Soon I will lose that very important part of our marriage, the exclusivity to our intimacy… She will ruin it to get satisfied by the other man… the call of her cunt…
I have married a slut and I was sure that she will be cheating on me. So it’s better that she’s doing it and telling me than doing it behind my back…