Tuesday, October 2, 2018

We think that Peter, my wife’s regular lover, probably fell in love with her. She will meet with him this week after a longer break because of her vacations and our trip, so she will know something more in the topic. They were talking by phone and she said that he was missing her and thinking a lot about her. She said that there was something else in his voice… Considering their last tender and gentle sex, there might be something in the air…

“I’m afraid that Peter can fall in love with me…” – my wife said to me.

“That would be great! Two men loving the same woman… double the love for you, my darling! It’s fabulous to know that other man is caring about you and you will also find love in his arms” – I replied. 

“I bet you also want me to fall in love with him?” – she asked me and smiled.

“Of course, my dear, it’s a great feeling to be in love and you deserve to get from the life all the best things, including being in love with other men. Our marriage shouldn’t be an obstacle to you… But I hope you will keep me as your husband and still love me too?” – I said and she just smiled and we kissed. Maybe a polyamory is a way for our marriage?

Monday, October 1, 2018

“There isn’t something like a gentle fucking from behind. He took me hard and his balls were loudly slapping against my clit” – my wife replied me when I asked if Peter was still gentle making love with her after they changed position to doggy style.
Every guy gets a burst of testosterone and adrenaline when my wife bends over before him and starts to fuck her as hard as he can. Even if he is a gentle guy who loves her.

My wife last Saturday morning. I’m so jealous about the guys who see her like that… but that a cucky’s life is all about.

She said that she likes when I don’t cum for a long time and that was a good idea to include a cum denial to my cucky life. Average time of cum denial she practices on me, is two weeks (average) but sometimes it extends to three weeks or even month. I know, that’s for our good, and that makes me a better husband and more submissive doggie for her. It’s frustrating as hell, but I love it and hope that she will extend the denial time to the three months, a half year or… maybe it will be a permanent denial, with a hope that I will cum one day in my life, but I will not know if it will be in a year or ten years spread of time…

All of my wife’s female friends accepted that she’s married to a cuckold. They know all her stories about fucking with lovers and go together to the clubs to pick up guys. On the beginning they had doubts, if she is honest with them about our relation, but after few “actions” they seen and knowing my reaction, they made sure it was true. Now they treat my wife as a single woman and doesn’t care about that she’s married. They plan the vacations together, talk about their lovers and what they did with them. 

I find myself perfectly in that situation. I love my wife and love to be a cuckold. It’s the best lifestyle a husband can have 😉 My wife thinks that too 🙂

Another photo from our “kitchen set” 🙂
It’s so difficult for me to do a photoshoot to my wife with a hard cock in my pants. She loves to model and present herself to you, dear Followers. She gets so turned on knowing that guys jerk off to her pics and she is showing them the most intimate parts of her body. She’s a true sexual woman, exhibistionist, a whore… and my wife privately 🙂

Some women has to be shared, they just can’t belong only to one man.
When I met my wife, on the first date she said that she doesn’t want to be fucked only by one cock to the rest of her life. We got married and she has the lifestyle she wanted.

Last time, when my wife was telling me about how she cheated on me, I was sitting next to her, dressed only in a t-shirt, with no pants and was jerking my cock. When she finished the story, she looked at me and said “You look so pathetic sitting next to me and wanking your cock. Stop it and dress up, I don’t want to see that!”.

What a sissy, wimp and useless beta male a husband is so his own wife refuses him to impregnate her, but meanwhile she cheats on him with the strong, handsome and dominant men? That’s my story.

Vasectomy for a cucky husband?

I fantasize about my wife knowing a bull, a surgeon, and he would do me a vasectomy. Then he would spend the nights in our marital bed with my wife when they have time and will. He would know that he would be unquestionably the alpha male who can impregnate my wife. And if he would be jealous about that I may want to fuck my wife when he’s not around, he could castrate me, so my cock would stay flaccid forever.

I think about my wife’s bull humilaing me in front of my wife. As he orders me to fuck myself with a fat dildo while they watch and laugh.
And at the end of the night, he would order me to lay on the floor on my back, spread my legs out wide and he would kick my balls hard until his hits would spurt my sperm out the balls…

I’m her pet, her puppy, doggie and whatever she calls me. She loves me, but I’m not a man who can take her and fuck like a real man… I’m too gentle and she thinks that sex with me is boring. “Take me like a real man on the couch or standing in the hall! Be a man!” – she said. But all I can do is trying to fuck her missionary with my flaccid cock… 

I look at my love, my wife, knowing that she belongs to me only emotionally… Her body belongs to many men… I look at her sweet face, beautiful lips and lovely eyes and I know that she will blow a stranger tonight and swallow all his cum or let him dump his load into her tight pussy…
The next day we will be together again and I will have to reclaim her and clean her with my tongue, listening to her telling me the details of her last night’s cheating…

“Only real men can fuck me, and puppies like you are are only for pussy licking” – my wife told me. I agree and I know my place. I’m trying to be the best pussy licker, the best puppy she ever had. 

I’m so proud of my wife being such a whore. I hope that all would knew, what kind of marriage and people we are and all seen her naked pictures. Having such a marvelous body, she owes something to the World. I hope she will please many men in her life…

The sex will always be better outside the marriage, especially when a woman has a husband, who disappoints her as a lover.

I’m so curious how does it feel to stab a woman’s cervix with the tip of my cock? I will never know, my dick is too short and, what’s more important, I will never fuck any other woman than my wife. But there’s a way to fulfill my curiosity – my wife can tell me how does a woman feels that 🙂  There were a a lot of her lovers, who had cock big enough to stick it deep in her womb to reach the cervix.

It must be such a turn on for a man to know that he’s fucking someone’s else girlfriend or wife. He can be sure that he’s better than him and theoretically can impregnate her. She chose him and that’s for a reason. He should be so proud of himself, that a married woman, by the act of cheating, gives him a proof that he’s better than her husband.

I have a strange impregnation fetish. I do not fantasize about me impregnating my wife, but that the other men would do it. I talked about it with her and she accepts that a cucky husband like me can have this kind of fantasies. She also know, that if it will somehow happen, I will always be by her side and love her and the baby.

Frustrated man = submissive slave = satisfied woman

Horny and sexually frustrated man is more useful for a woman. He is more likely to serve her, do the house work, please her on every demand and thinks of her all day long.