Tuesday, November 6, 2018

“I want to have sex so much… I’m so horny, I just can’t stand it…” – my wife said when we were cuddling. I took it as a proposal, my wife having a romantic moments with me wants to “do something more” than just cuddling.

“Do you want to have sex with me?” – I asked.

“Oh, I’m sorry my love… not with you. I’m sorry, you thought I wanted to have sex with you… I want to cuddle with you, but… you know…” – she replied.

“…I don’t turn you on?” – I said what I was sure it was true.

“…I love you, but you know that I want a hard sex… and to feel the thrill of having it with a strange guy… you can’t give me that…” – she said and kissed me. I thought that my caged cock would break the metal rods that were preventing it from getting hard…

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

My wife seen one of the main shareholders of her company yesterday. He couldn’t have seen her, but it reminded me the conversation that my wife had with Alex, the guy from Germany who fucked her on 8th of April, 2018. The whole story you may find here

“Would you fuck for money?” – Alex asked my wife.

“I’m not sure if I would want to do do it for money, but I would do it for sure for some kind of career benefits” – she replied. 

“With whom you would do it?” – he was curious.

“With older men”

“With men at what age?” – Alex didn’t give up.

“Sixty years or older. Rich and powerful.” – she replied smiling and looking in his eyes.

“You are a spoiled and bad woman” – Alex said with a disgust. Fortunately, my wife had sucked his cock after that and let him fuck her one more time. The disgust that Alex had for my wife was’t something that kept him from putting his cock in her and then blowing his load on her face. 

What have changed since April? Definitely my wife has a stronger fantasy to fuck for money with men. She thinks that if they would pay, then they would treat her truly like a whore and they would want to use her like a fuckmeat, having no fear to slap, beat her or spit in her mouth. She really loves to feel like a trash but I can’t give her that… Sadly, a lot of men who fuck her can’t too… So maybe sex for money is a good thing to consider?

Thursday, May 3
We are on our way home from Slovenia. Now we are at the hotel in Graz (Austria). The room is expensive but looks like shit. I don’t know how deep Austrians have to dig in their asses to find such an insane prices…
I have one more important task this evening: I have to please Kitty by licking her pussy…
She has to use me to get her daily orgasms… Sadly, no interesting cocks were around to fuck her this evening…

Wednesday, May 2
Our last day in Ljubljana. Kitty is taking a shower and then we are going to the city centre for couple of drinks.

Many thanks to @couriousme, the guy from Ljubljana, who guided us to some fantastic places. Thank you!

“I would love to impregnate you…” – I said to my wife.
“Forget about it. I’m not the one to be impregnated.” – she replied a bit nervous.
“… especially by you” – she didn’t have to add that, some things are obvious.

Legs wide open and inviting 🙂

My wife told me today that her pussy was wet all day long in the office. She works now with an external company, which sent her three young and handsome consultants. My wife works on one of them to encourage him to fuck her. 

“I was staring at his cock all day and he seen it. I see how he looks at me. He also wants to fuck me but he doesn’t know how to manage it. I have to help him” – she said. 

So, good luck, Mr Consultant!

Underwater blowjob and anal fucking for an Italian guy

When my wife was 18 years old, she was on a vacation on Rodos Island (Greece). She met there an Italian guy, Stefano. He was about 35 yo and went there with his family. He was cheating there on his wife, fucking Kitty every day and every night. The romance lasted for about a week.  He is ranked the fourth biggest cock in my wife’s life.
He fucked her on the beach and in his hotel room when his family wasn’t there or in her room. On one of the first intercourses, Kitty let him fuck her in the ass. He put his big cock in her tight asshole and made her scream and moan in his room while pounding her from behind. One evening, they were swimming in the hotel’s pool after it was closed for the night.  They were naked and were kissing. Kitty wanted to please him, so she dived and gave him an underwater blowjob.
She was so young then and she even fell a little in love with that guy.  He, as a typical Italian, was manly, romantic, good looking and know how to cleverly seduce a stupid Polish chick. He used her as he wanted: fucked her cunt, ass and she gave him blowjobs with cum swallowing. That’s how the alpha males have their vacation: they may come with their wifes but they find the young chicks and they fuck them as they want, in every hole and in every position… My wife was a teenage slut, so Stefano had a lot of fun fucking her young body.
When she was leaving Rodos sitting in the plane, Kitty was crying for him… Her heart was taken by Stefano… in fact, he also took her asshole, cunt, and mouth. I’m curious, if she did mention him pounding her anally, while she was crying for the goodbye?

We are spending the weekend sepatately. Tomorrow, on Saturday, my wife goes to a club. She texted me right now for good night:
“Good night honey :* I love you so much :* Tomorrow I’m going to be a whore”
She has a great need to have fun with some new guys in the club. She told me that she wants to suck someone’s cock in the toilet and swallow his cum. Isn’t that cute?
She’s on a good way to be known as a whore in her entourage. I wish that all will know how easy whore she is and how she cheats on me.

We took a hotel on the half way to Hungary. Kitty took shower and I’m having a beer and waiting to have my cock sucked. I have balls full of cum and I need my whore wife to swallow all my load. Tomorrow we will check in Budapest.