“I wonder which of my lovers will put a baby in me?”

I was in bed with my wife. She knew that my balls were full, so she decided to milk me for a healthy reasons.

“Put a condom on” – she said. I hoped that she would allow me to fuck her, but it didn’t happen. When I was done, she put her hand under the quilt and started to milk me. She was quiet and thinking about something else while doing it. Suddenly she said to me:

“I wonder which of my lovers will put a baby in me?”

My heart accelerated in a second.

“Maybe it will be me?” – I asked her.

“…you are not the man who will give me a baby, you know that.”

“…yes, I know… so, I think maybe Mike is the one… He is so masculine and he turns you on so much…” – I hardly replied.

“No, I think that maybe Peter will do it. He makes love with me so tenderly.” – she said and I couldn’t stand longer and I spurted my load into the condom.

My wife being pregnant with another man’s child is a huge turn on for me, but it is also a way for me to get used to the idea that this can happen considering our cuckold lifestyle. I must say that I feel comfortable with that…

Can you imagine that the guy, who fucked my wife last weekend, was surprised that there’s something like a foot fetish and some men love to worship feet? My wife told him, that I’m a foot fetishist and I’m totally into worshipping her feet. He said that’s weird and he doesn’t find anything sexy in feet…
So, please look at the photo of my wife’s feet and ask yourself a question, is it possible not to adore them? It’s impossible 🙂

PS. Sorry for the formatting of yesterday’s post (all the text melted into one big block). I pasted it into Tumblr from external text editor and it looked good in the desktop version of the blog, but on the mobile app it looked like shit. I have updated it, so you are welcome to read it 🙂

“Do you really enjoy to have such a submissive husband? I’m worried that you may be doing something to please me, what you in fact doesn’t like or need” – I texted my wife when she was at work. I was worried that she may want to be with a real man not a sissy.

“Don’t think too much, sweetie, I really enjoy humiliating you every day more and more” – she replied.

Yes, she lets me lick them everyday… She denies me a lot of things but I can worship her feet as much as I want…

“I want someone to fuck me hard from behind, to feel, as his hips slaps my ass and to feel my cunt stretching by his cock…” – my wife told me today. She’s ovulating, for sure.

Sometimes, when I look at my wife’s sexy feet, I want to take a belt or a lash and smack them really hard… until the bloody marks will show up… I want to hear her scream in pain as I destroy her beautiful soles… But, there’s one thing that turns me on more than this… one of her lovers could do that… leaving her with the sore feet for me to take care of her…

I feel so excited when I realize, that every time my wife is fucked by the other guys, she may get pregnant. My wife prefers only condoms, no other birth control…
Every time she fucks I hope that the guy will knock her up. She knows that I dream about it… She has the most pathetic husband the wife can have: a lame lover that won’t be the biological father of the child he will be raising.

The feet to cum on them… We would love to meet a bull who would spray them with his sperm and watch as I clean then with my tongue…

I love when she puts her feet on my face. The cold skin and beautifu, subtle smell… It’s like a drug to me…

“You are my little puppy and you are here to give me pleasure. The other men, which I choose, will fuck me like I was their whore. Not you.” – my wife told me that yesterday, just after I licked her pussy and wanted to put my weenie in her cunt. She didn’t allowed me. It would be a very short intercourse, but she didn’t want to see me trying to do things the real men do with her.

I love when she lets me jerk off on her feet and then orders me to clean her feet from my cum with tongue.

One day the condom will break and some hot, strange man will give us a beautiful baby 🙂

After a month od denial of sex and cumming, while my wife would be fucking with other guys, I would love to hear from her “I need to do the pregnancy test, I think someone has knocked me up”. I think it’s one of the hottest things a cuckold can hear from his hotwife.

I just can’t stop edging looking at Kitty’s feet… If only she would let me cum… She’s cruel and knows how I suffer looking at her sexy feet, with balls full of sperm, without having a permission from her to cum…

Swallowing cumbag

Every time Kitty swallows someone’s cum, he marks her from inside. Then she kisses me and I smell the cum in her breath. She always makes sure that I know what she did and who owned her.
There’s no better way for an alpha man to own a woman: to cum deep in her cunt, ass or have her to swallow. Only then his seed will be in her when she will return to her hubby or boyfriend…
The cheating with cum swallowing is one of the most humiliating act for the woman’s life partner. Just imagine you meet her bully and he says “your wife is a cumdump, I cummed in her mouth and she swallowed it all. You better remember this every time she will kiss you”.
My wife ALWAYS swallows.

“I want you to fuck me today” – she said to me while her hand grabbed my cock locked in a chastity cage.

“Really? Why did you change your mind?” – I was very curious.

“I need you to stretch my cunt so it will be ready for Vladislav’s cock. Unfortunately, your cock isn’t as big as his but I have no choice.” – she replied.

“…but I’m so horny, my balls are so full… I will cum after the first two moves… will you be angry with me?” – I said realizing that I won’t be able to satisfy her with my cock after the long period of denial. I know I will cum like a teen sissy boy just after seeing her marvelous, shaved pussy… I used to satisfy her with my tongue so I use my cock on her very rare…

“I like when you cum that quick. It makes me feel that I own you more. And it’s so pathetic how you act after that… Just like the last time, when you cummed in the sheets while licking my cunt. It was so embarrassing.” – my wife said looking in my eyes.

“…I fuck like a sissy…” – I felt so humiliated hearing what she thinks of me.

“Yes, you fuck like a sissy”

“On Monday a real man will fuck you. Vladislav will come here and give you what you need” – I had to face the facts.

“Yes, he will fuck me good” – my wife said and went to have a shower.

Kitty said to me that when she’ll meet with Vladislav, she will told him that she is married, but her husband has a small cock, fucks like a sissy and that’s why she is looking for a well hung man who will know how to please a woman.
I’m sure that Vlad will feel great to hear such words from a married woman.
Is there something more pumping up a man’s ego, than to hear from a woman that she thinks he is the alpha male who is better than her husband?

Today my wife asked me if she could travel to Berlin with her friends by the end of the May. Of course, she can, but I asked her if she will return with well fucked, full of cum pussy? “No” – she replied – “the cum will be in my bull’s used condom that I will bring to you”. I love her so much, she always wants the best for me 🙂

My wife’s feet for share (fucking included) 🙂 Anyone? 🙂

The picture taken at the day in which my wife had a flight to Turkey for a vacation. She went there with two friends. I was so jealous… Three young, sexy and horny girls, hunting for cocks… When she came back she told me that nothing happened. I wish one day she will tell me the truth, just as it was with her trip to Tunisia, when she was banged by local rich guy (I wrote about it some time ago). I’m sure she met some guys there and was kissing with them and maybe even fucking… She is a whore and whores fuck, so there’s no such thing like her being faithful on vacation.