Wednesday, October 24, 2018

We have a lot of freedom in our marriage. It’s a female led relationship and beside all other things, my wife is free to choose sexual partners and even a biological father for our child (if she decides to get pregnant). 

I also have a thing in which I’m free – I’m pussy free – my wife loves to keep me denied. She says, the less I cum the better husband I am. She also enjoys the fact that I suffer of being horny all the time and having my balls full. In fact, being denied makes me a quick cummer so sex with a penetration isn’t something that my wife could enjoy with me (just think, how you can enjoy sex that lasts a few seconds?). As she said, only my tongue makes her think about me in terms of sex as it counts as a tool for giving her a pleasure.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

“I’m sooo horny! You can’t imagine how much I want to be fucked!” – my wife said to me when we were in bed before sleep. A burst of adrenaline was pumped into my veins when I heard that. I thought that was going to be my lucky day and she would let me fuck her.

“Really? Do you… Do you want to fuck with me?” – I asked aroused.

“No, I see you every day, I got bored by your cock. I want a new one. Besides, I want to fuck hard like an animal, and you can offer me only cuddling. Don’t get me wrong, I love you and I love to cuddle with you but when I am horny I want to have a man beside me. A real man” – she paused – “…Now go down and check if my cunt tastes good”.

So I went down and licked her pussy. She came intensively and said:

“Good night. You did a good job but you don’t deserve to cum. Now turn around to the other side, I don’t want you to snore into my face.”

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

“Come here and lick my pussy” – my wife ordered me as I entered the room from the bathroom. I Immediately put my face between her legs and started to lick her.

“You don’t cum!” – she told me as I was licking her. I knew that I wasn’t allowed to cum, It has been more than two weeks since I came last time. She doesn’t like when my balls are empty. She prefers the benefits of constantly horny husband around her… This is one of the reasons that she didn’t agree when I asked her if I can have a castration procedure (that’s not a fantasy, I really think about it seriously, because sometimes I just can’t stand my sexual tension. Besides, I think I would be a better husband after the surgery).

Thursday, September 6, 2018

My wife’s pussy after my intensive and long licking. She came twice and said that I did a good job. Unfortunatelly, I stayed denied and she didn’t even touch me…

It took some time for me to face the truth that I’m useless as a male… I have a beautiful and sexy wife but most of the time I’m not allowed to fuck her or to cum… Sometimes, when I’m really deserving it, she lets me to have an intercourse with her or she gives me “a pity blowjob”, but it’s happening as the greatest reward or for my health reasons.  She told me that she considers sex with me as a profanation of her body… but she also knows that it gives her the absolute power over me.

“Don’t you dare to cum!” – my wife yelled at me. Photoshoots are one of the rare moments when my wife lets me fuck her. She wants to have photos while she’s fucking but none of her lovers agrees to fuck her in front of the camera. That’s why she has to use me. But it doesn’t mean that I can ejaculate. She even tries to make it as less pleasant for me as possible… I’d rather not think about the consequences that would have happened to me if I could not stand the action and spurted…

Sometimes Kitty allows me to “pretend” that I am fucking her just for a photoshoot. She wants to show you, dear followers, how she looks like with a cock inside her. So I can put my cock into her pussy, take the pictures and I have to pull it out. No fucking and no friction moves inside her. She gets so wet thinking that many people will see her being fucked, but I, her husband, am just a tool to fulfill her exhibitionist needs.

She loves how I get horny when I don’t cum for a long periods of time. She uses to say that it makes me a better puppy, more submissive and pathetic (what she really likes).
My wife showed me that a man can have a fantastic sexual life, without being even touched by a woman and without ejaculating for weeks. I’m glad she opened my eyes for the experiences that I never had with a woman. I’m totally sexually frustrated but very happy. I love to be owned by my wife and be fully submissive to her. I’m her faithful and loving puppy 🙂

I could say that my hand is the only pussy that I cum in, but it would be a lie. I’m not allowed to cum even in my hand. My wife is ignoring my sexual needs at all… My cock hasn’t been touched by her for so long… But that’s what we agreed – sex has to be all about her and my purpose is to serve her and give her pleasure. It’s weird, but I’m very happy with that. Giving pleasure without the possibility of “reward” is more pure and without selfishness.

She said that she likes when I don’t cum for a long time and that was a good idea to include a cum denial to my cucky life. Average time of cum denial she practices on me, is two weeks (average) but sometimes it extends to three weeks or even month. I know, that’s for our good, and that makes me a better husband and more submissive doggie for her. It’s frustrating as hell, but I love it and hope that she will extend the denial time to the three months, a half year or… maybe it will be a permanent denial, with a hope that I will cum one day in my life, but I will not know if it will be in a year or ten years spread of time…

My wife made it clear: I will be cumming only after she cheats on me. From now on, she also gives up milking me, what she was doing to me because of a healthy reasons. My sperm has to stay in my balls, that makes me a better submissive doggie.

“You are not allowed to cum until I get fucked by an other guy” – my wife told me an hour ago. 

This week I was lucky because she milked me three times. She had a taste for a cum but no other man was around so she used my cock and balls to get some sperm. I ate only vegetables and fruits to produce a sweet and tasty sperm for her and she enjoyed it. 

…but the cumming week has ended and the doggie needs to be denied to cum to help him to be the best and the horniest husband in the World 😉

She was lying in the bed when I came to the bedroom. I started to kiss her but she has stopped me and ordered me: “Lick!”. I went down her and started to do my best to please her.  I licked her pussy good until she came. Her orgasm was very intensive and her body bent with delight. I always lick her asshole after she cums, she likes when I do it while she is enjoying her orgasm. Licking her pussy and her tight asshole always turns me on very much and so it did that time. When she gave me the signal to stop licking her I looked at her with hope that she may want to give me a blowjob. It didn’t happened, she said short: “You do not” and turned to me with her back. I cuddled to her with my cock hard and started do rub it with her buttocks, but suddenly she turned to me irritated and ordered “Stop it!”. So I went to sleep with my cock stiff and balls full of load…

My pleasure does not count, we agreed to that…

My job is to lick my lady’s pussy, stay hard and don’t cum. A sex, in which a man is not allowed to cum, is the purest act of pleasing woman, focusing only on her needs. It’s also a perfect way of using a sissy husband. He can’t give his wife a thrill of being owned by a dominant man but he is for her a good alternative for masturbation and for him it’s the ability to physically worship his lady.

She loves the tease and denial play. She has a lot of laugh when I spurt in a seconds when she lets me put my weenie in her, after a long time of no cumming.  

I perfectly found myself in the role of a tool for pleasing my wife. We talked about it and she is aware that my pleasure and sexual needs are not important and the sex has to be all about her. She likes that she is in the center of attention. In our marriage, she is the dominant side and we use her egoistic sexual nature and my masochistic nature to build a happy and loving relation.

A woman does every thing for a reason. If she denies a man an orgasm, that means she cares and wants him to be a better man. The more the balls hurt the more the woman loves his man.

Frustrated man = submissive slave = satisfied woman

Horny and sexually frustrated man is more useful for a woman. He is more likely to serve her, do the house work, please her on every demand and thinks of her all day long. 

“You have to put on your cage, you think too much about cumming. You don’t deserve to cum” – Kitty said. She owns me and makes the rules…

She keeps me denied for the long periods of time. I think it’s her additional “insurance” that I will stay faithful. She knows that I’m so horny that I would cum like teenager in my pants if a woman even talked something to me dirty… That would be so embarrasing for me, so she knows it’s safer for me to be faithful and let only her see as I cum in three seconds… Of course, she will laugh at me, but it will be all in family…