“I saw your profile on Tinder”

Two days ago, my wife received a message on Messenger from our mutual friend. He knows my family and we meet on parties or at my dad’s home.

“Hi, it may seem weird to you, but what the fuck do I care… I saw your profile on Tinder… Well, I always was impressed by you, the way you look… so if you want to meet, to know each other closer, I would do it with pleasure 🙂 If not, then this conversation never happened and it stays only between us.”

I have to inform you that he DOESN’T know that we live in a cuckold relationship. He thought that my wife cheats on me behind my back. He wanted to fuck her and still meet with all of my family and pretend that nothing is going on between him and my wife. Do I have to tell you that my cock almost broke the bars of my chastity cage and I felt that I’m going to cum without touching, just thinking of it?

“Do you want to fuck with him?” – I asked my wife.

“The situation is very hot, but he doesn’t look hot enough for me…”

So my wife answered him that “we live in a cuckold relationship (that’s why she has Tinder profile) but she doesn’t fuck with our mutual friends” – what is a lie but sound better than “if I wanted to fuck with you, we would text by Tinder not by FB Messenger”.

My wife keeps the high quality of guys who are allowed to stick cocks in her pussy…

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Tider does a real good job for the “PR” of my wife. There are more and more of our friends and people we met only once, who know that my wife cheats on me and is having sex with other men. Her Tinder’s profile description says it directly that she’s interested in sex and is not looking for a relationship. So when people who know us find her on Tinder, they are triple surprised: 1) that she has a profile even though she’s a married with me, 2) that she wrote she was looking for sex 3) that she has a couple of erotic pics in her profile’s gallery.

There’s a story connected with the above. My wife’s best friend Annie met with her ex boyfriend. Annie told my wife the whole dialogue that she had with her ex (I call my wife “K” like “Kitty” in this dialogue, because I don’t want to use her real name – sorry for that, privacy issues).

“Ann… it’s weird, but I want to tell you something…” – he said – “I saw K’s profile on Tinder…”

“So what’s the big deal about that?” – Annie replied – “I know she has one”.

“…but doesn’t she has a husband?” – he asked.

“Yes, she does.”

“…does she… you know… does she meet with other men? Does she fuck with them?” – he was confused. 

“Did you swipe her right?” – Annie asked.

“No, she’s your friend! I couldn’t do that”

“Why? K. is a hot chick and you would ask her by yourself if she fucks” – Ann said.

“oh… ok… I think I should have done that… I looked her photos… She has very hot pics in there… Oh, come on, tell me if she fucks with other men?” – he was really curious.

“Maybe you should take your phone and call K.?” – Ann replied. 

I’m really proud of being an official cuckold and do not regret coming out of the closet. I know that a lot of people make fun of me but they doesn’t have one thing I have: my wife’s love.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

My wife knows that using Tinder in front of me humiliates me. Sometimes she shows me guys and tells me why she thinks they are hot, but most of the times she just uses Tinder on alone, without saying a word to me. She likes when I know that it is her sexual life and she doesn’t care if it turns me on or not. Only her pleasure counts.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

My wife was looking for an Italian stallion on Tinder. Do you think she was interested in sex with me?

I wonder how many of you, dear followers, have seen Kitty on Tinder while visiting Poland? She’s on Tinder for a reason, not just for showing off her pics. She really is looking for the hot guys and wants to be fucked by them.

Kitty’s back on Tinder! She has paired with some hot guys and soon she will be fucked well be them 🙂

Willibald from Austria

There’s a new guy, for whom my wife has lost her mind… His name is Willibald and he lives in Austria.

She met him on Tinder. He’s superb build, ultra hot body, he likes rough sex and has a big cock, so that’s everything my wife adores.
Three days ago they were texting and my wife said that no other man in her life made her such turned on only by sexting.
She wrote him that she likes slapping her face, rough sex, blowjobs, rimming, swallowing cum and also to be choked and beaten. He told her that she is very open and is a first girl for him who wants slapping in the face and choking.
He has an asshole fetish and wants to rimm her for hours and spread her anus with two fingers and put his tongue inside.
She also wrote him in details, how she was fucked by the German guy last time by the rocks on the vacation, how he licked her asshole and how he fucked her roughly and then how she sucked him off and swallowed cum. He told her that he is jealous for that guy. He asked what nationality was the guy who fucked her and when my wife told him that he was from Germany he was kind of upset. Do Austrians do not like the Germans? 🙂

She told me that she will travel to Austria to visit him. She wants to visit and see Vienna and be his whore at nights. He told her that he will also fuck her in the public on the bank of the Danube.

Tinder time in Bialystok!

I took her to Bialystok, Poland. We’ve checked in a fancy, 4-stars hotel, just to give my wife the best time I can manage… Will she let me fuck her for that? This is not obvious… She just matched here a guy from Germany on Tinder… So maybe I should take an another room to have a place where to sleep tonight?

Kitty’s back on Tinder!

After two weeks since she came back from her holiday, with her cunt stretched and made sore by the two guys, Kitty’s looking for the new cocks now!
We are travelling to Lithuania and stopped in Bialystok, Poland for a night. What Kitty did right after we checked in the hotel? She launched Tinder!
So maybe tonight I will have to take a long walk, before going to sleep, to let my wife use our hotel room with a nice stranger, who will do right the things to her that her husband can’t do as good as she wants…

Tomorrow my wife will spread her legs for Vladislav (part 2)

Today Vlad texted my wife. They will meet tomorrow, on the 27th of June 2017 at 9PM. The guy seems to be a good alpha male and will give my wife a big load in her mouth. She is a perfect cocksucker so he will cum quickly. My wife said that she will let him rest for a while and then she will suck him hard and bend for him to fuck her. She wants to feel his big, fat cock inside her cunt. 

She told me that she will ask him to take photo of her while doing him a blowjob 🙂 

We also discussed that, she can tell him that she cheats on her husband and that I don’t know how to please her so that is why she is looking for the real men to fuck her regularly.

We hope that Vlad will appear as a real alpha male, a good fucker and will become her regular lover.

…and there will be a gift for me – his used condom full of his prolific semen for me to swallow while my wife will watch.

Tomorrow my wife will spread her legs for Vladislav (part 1)

So tomorrow, on the 27th of July 2017 about 9PM, my wife will be fucked by Vladislav, the guy she met on Tinder. Let me tell you the story from the beginning once more 🙂

It all started on Tinder. Vlad texted my wife that he has a big and thick cock. She liked that VERY MUCH as she is a big cock whore and is talking all the time about it. Then he asked for her email and sent a picture of his cannon 🙂 She was so turned on and she told me that she will do anything to meet him and let him fuck her with that cock.

Vlad asked her to send him a picture of her. She knew that he wants her doggy style, so she sent him the pic where she shows her cunt from behind.

In the next post I will send the screens from her phone as they were making an appointment.

This is the photo that my wife sent to Vladislav. I took it while a photoshoot I made for her. She also gave him her phone number. On the one of the first messages on Tinder, Vlad wrote to her that he wants to fuck her doggy style. Do you think he will enjoy this pic?

I asked her if she will let him fuck her doggy style? I know that this position hurts her, even when I’m penetrating her with my cock, so that is why she gives me that way very occasionally. 

I will desensitize myself with a whiskey and I will handle his cock inside me” – she replied.

What a normal guy would feel, if he found out that his wife sent this kind of her picture to a strange man?

Vlad texted my wife on Tinder. He wants her phone number and some of her pics. She told me that she’ll give him her number and will send some of her pussy pics.
She totally fell in love with his cock, even though she has not seen it in the real life and in the action.
I feel that hard times come to me. My wife thinks all time just about sex with Vladislav. She acts like teenager, who fell in love. If Vladislav will appear also as a good lover (what I hope for) he will be a regular guest in our marital bed. It also mean, that I will be denied not only cumming but also the sex too.
But, at the end of the day, only her pleasure counts…

Vladislav confirmed to my wife that he’ll come to fuck her tomorrow at 9pm. Now my wife is in the other room talking about it with her friend. I hear as she laugh telling her about him.
I had my cock caged and I’m starting to clean our apartment for her tomorrow’s guest. I have to change the sheets on bed, so Vlad could feel comfortable fucking my wife in our marital bed.
Tomorrow I’ll leave home and will be waiting in our car. My wife knows that she doesn’t have to care about me and can stay with Vlad until the morning. I will wait for her permission to come back home…

The screens from my wife’s Tinder. She is chatting with Vladislav, the guy with the 7,5″ cock. She wants to meet with him on Wednesday. Now she is so excited, smiles and talks all about him and how curious she is about his cock and how it would feel. It won’t be the biggest dick that was inside her in her life, but it is quite impressive 🙂 My is 6″, so I’m sure she will feel the difference and hope that he will destroy her cunt.

PS.A little translation from Polish is needed: “Mam duzy huj” means “I have a big cock”. And “gruby” means “thick”.

My wife’s Tinder chat with Guille, the tattooed Italian guy. VERY hot guy. She is going to meet with him after the weekend (earlier this week, she will meet with Vladislav – a guy with the big cock, also met by Tinder). 

When I look at those guys’ pictures I feel… I don’t know why my wife still lets me fuck her?… Love is blind.

Text message from my wife: “I have just matched with some muscular, tattooed guy on Tinder. He’s Spanish”.
I think I’ll meet my wife at Sunday with some Spanish cum inside her belly 😉

On the 24th of May 2017 my wife wrote for the first time that she’s ​a single woman… That hurt me but if this will make easier for her to pick a guy that she’s interested with on Tinder, so that’s​ a good thing. And this also shows my place in the line to her pussy.

Still looking for the hot guys at Tinder… She wants a good, rough fuck by a well hung man. She wants to be humiliated, choked and treated as a whore. She needs to feel a strong man making her beg for mercy.
Sometime I can give it to her, but I know she wants more. She said that I don’t meet her expectations. I know she loves me very much and she won’t leave me (I hope so) but she needs other men to satisfy her lust. So let it be as she wishes…

Still trying to fuck her, but she prefers to chat with the guys on Tinder… If those guys know that she is sexting with them with her husband’s cock inside her cunt… What they would do? LAUGH! It’s a pathetic view, a hubby trying to act like a man but his woman is more interested in conversation with her potential lovers… Cuckold life, hard life…