Vasectomy for the cucky

“Kitty, I think about having a vasectomy. You don’t treat me as a man anymore and you know that I am ok with that. Being sterile I wouldn’t be able to impregnate you so you wouldn’t have to take pills or use any other contraception. Me being sterile would fit better to our relationship…”
– I asked my wife.

“That makes no sense, because I sleep not only with you, I must use contraception.” – she said.

“Oh, yes, you are right…”

“Besides, if I get pregnant, then it will be known that the child is not yours. I like this feeling of uncertainty who could be a father.”

Kitty and her pussy 🙂 She loves when men cum looking at her pics. It turns her on knowing that someone has jerked fantasizing about her 🙂

Vasectomy for a cucky husband?

I fantasize about my wife knowing a bull, a surgeon, and he would do me a vasectomy. Then he would spend the nights in our marital bed with my wife when they have time and will. He would know that he would be unquestionably the alpha male who can impregnate my wife. And if he would be jealous about that I may want to fuck my wife when he’s not around, he could castrate me, so my cock would stay flaccid forever.