Tuesday, October 16, 2018

“Don’t worry, I swallow” – that’s what my wife said to one guy from Germany that fucked her good on the beach in Hersonissos, Greece. My wife was drunk and acted like a cheap whore. He was sober (he drank only three glasses of wine that night) and was standing straight in front of her, fully clothed, with white, ironed shirt on. He just pulled out his hard penis through the fly in his pants. My wife was on her knees, completely naked, giving him a blowjob after he had fucked her from behind. When he was about to cum, my wife said that to him. She wanted to degrade herself more in front of him… and to thank him for the great fucking he gave her and to appreciate him as a fabulous alpha male… so he rewarded her by emptying his balls in her mouth… 

Can you imagine that my wife was the only girl on the beach in Hersonissos that was sunbathing topless? Look at this picture, the girls in the back have their bras on! All the women around were staring at my wife as she was weird or doing something inappropriate.
Funny thing, a couple of guys from Germany sitting near my wife were discussing loudly my wife’s tits. My wife speaks German, but they didn’t know it 😉

I know, from the messages you guys are sending, that you wait for the moment my wife will be pregnant. I really do too and can’t wait the day, that she will tell me, she is going to have a baby.
Now, she wants to have fun and fuck as much as she can, so she’s not on hurry to get pregnant. But the symptoms that “the time is comming” are quite obvious. She wants to have a dog, to take care of it and it’s not like “it would be great to have a dog” but I see it as a outcome for her increased motherhood feelings. So I think it will happen soon that she will let someone to put a baby in her. It is very probable (I’m rather sure about it) that I won’t be the biological father of the child. She loves me as a friend and a life partner, but I’m not a good choice for a woman, to give her my genes.
She also likes the idea that we will have a child that won’t be biologically mine. She uses to say very often that I’ll be a good father to the child, that she will have with another man. I’m more than ok with that and really wait for that great day, in which she will tell me that someone she chosen, gave her a child.

My wife last Saturday morning. I’m so jealous about the guys who see her like that… but that a cucky’s life is all about.

We were lying in the bed and my wife asked me:
“Do you dream of impregnating me?”
“Oh, yes my love!” – I replied excited that she might want to plan a baby with me.
“Do you know, that because I fuck with other men, there’s a chance that someone else will put a baby in me?” – she replied with a malicious smile on her face.

The important thing as a guy is to know that he is able to fully sexually satisfy his woman. Being a cuckold means that you accept the fact that other men can please your wife and most probably, they will do it much better…

She loves how I get horny when I don’t cum for a long periods of time. She uses to say that it makes me a better puppy, more submissive and pathetic (what she really likes).
My wife showed me that a man can have a fantastic sexual life, without being even touched by a woman and without ejaculating for weeks. I’m glad she opened my eyes for the experiences that I never had with a woman. I’m totally sexually frustrated but very happy. I love to be owned by my wife and be fully submissive to her. I’m her faithful and loving puppy 🙂

“All I can give to you is my love. Sex isn’t something special  that you would need from me, am I right?” – I asked my wife while cuddling her.
“I love you, but I share my body with many men. You know you’re not the only one for me…” – she replied.
“…and I have rather average skills?” – I was curious.
“Average or below of it” – she smiled and gave me a big hug.

I feel so excited when I realize, that every time my wife is fucked by the other guys, she may get pregnant. My wife prefers only condoms, no other birth control…
Every time she fucks I hope that the guy will knock her up. She knows that I dream about it… She has the most pathetic husband the wife can have: a lame lover that won’t be the biological father of the child he will be raising.

Think of it: a procreation is pleasant because the nature wants the animals to do it and have an offspring; a sugar is sweet and we find it pleasant because the nature gives by it a sign that we should eat it because it gives us an energy; we feel pain when we touch the fire because the nature wants to warn us so we don’t get hurt.
And what about cuckolding? Why the thoughts of wife having sex with an another man turns us, the cuckolds, on? Because the nature wants us to raise children that aren’t genetically ours. There’s a lot more men on the Earth that have a bad genes and a little with the best. So, that’s why the nature wants to spread their best genes. They just wouldn’t be able to raise that number of children themselves. That’s why we, the cuckolds, are so important.

All of her friends know about her hotwife lifestyle and I’m sure that when she will be pregnant the first question they will ask is if I am the father?

Kitty is having Norwegian course in a language school. In her group there’s a hot, blonde and young guy, about 19yo. He’s new and when she saw him for the first time, she came back home very excited and told me about him.
“Would you let him fuck you?” – I asked.
“Sure, I have a taste for a sperm from the young balls!” – she replied .
“Do you like the sperm from my balls?”
“Not as much as from young boy’s balls, but yours is also ok”.
Kitty really likes to swallow and she loves the taste of cum.

I’m a very lucky man to be her husband. If you read our blog, you know who I am and why she cheats on me. I’m an average man and she’s a princess… An  eleven years younger princess than her hubby… She has needs and a spectacular body to play with men. It would be strange if she would be faithful to me.

I love when my wife finds a pleasure in other men’s hands. Only there she can find fucking in the way she loves it: hard and rough with the man who can dominate her and let her feel like whore.

It would be so humiliating when all our friends will know that my wife cheats on me… They will know that’s because I’m not attractive enough for such a pretty woman and I’m a lame lover so she is forced to satisfy her sexual needs outside our marriage… Funny thing is, that all of her girl friends know that she’s cheating on me and they understand and support her in what she’s doing…

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“Will you tell me if you fall in love with one of your lovers?” – I asked my wife.
“Yes, I will tell you”.

I love to see how my wife is changing. She was a slut when I met her seven years ago, but now she became a fucking whore and she still wants to go deeper into the whore&hotwife stuff.
She is so proud of herself, of the way she fucks in the clubs, how she gives blowjobs to the strangers and how she swallows cum from the cocks owned by men, whom she met a quarter an hour earlier.
It’s so exciting to see her progress and her passion in what she is doing. It’s going so fast and I wonder what she will became in the next ten years 🙂

Wife in the club, my weenie in my hand

I’m just laying alone in the bed and playing with my weenie, waiting for messages from my wife, who is right now drunk and having fun with her friends in the club. Last messages were about that she wants to blow some cocks tonight… I wonder what she is doing right now?

One more pic from the photo session I did with my wife 🙂

Sex as a career booster

This is one of our common hobby: the photography. I love to take the pictures and she loves to pose. 

Kitty was a fashion model some years ago, but she quit, because she didn’t want to fuck with her agent to “help her career”. Today she is smarter and thinks more often that using her body to “accelerate” her career is a good idea.

In two weeks she will go to a big company party, with a lot of rich and influential vips. She wants to dress classy and sexy, because on the party there will be celebrities and paparazzi. And she considers to make her first step into fucking for the career benefits. Wish her luck 🙂